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Trials Frontier Tips Tricks

A growing list of Trials Frontier Tips and Tricks. These Trials Frontier Tips and tricks can be updated daily so check back in the future. Feel free to share your own finds in the comments. This is one of the few games that are polished into great mobile games. Except that sugar makes cancer grow rapidly and the NWO building thing in the back ground. Be sure to update often as the developers have been adding lots of unique improvements.

Trials Frontier Tips

All Bikes – This is a growing list of all bikes in Trials Frontier. To get new bikes you’ll have to find all the blueprints. This will be done by completing missions over time.

Best Levels for Coins – These are the best level for coins. These are good spots for getting fast coins when pumping out some quick games. Trying to move forward in the game can be a better idea in the beginning. Eventually farming will be needed to build bikes when most features are open.

Blueprints– Must find all the pieces of blueprints before using a new bike. The best thing to do is to just keep moving through the story. Bikes go up to Tier 5 so don’t spend too much on lower tier bikes at first. Later you’ll want to max them all out for Chips from Showdowns.

  • Tier 3 Jackal – The get the Jackal final piece you have to keep finishing all the beatable missions. Eventually the Jackal blueprint quest will become available. This bike is gotten pretty early as the 3rd one unlocked. You can save most coins in the beginning then upgrade this one slightly for massive boost.

Candy Aqueduct – If your looking for the Candy in the Aqueduct it’s located below the first big will in the stage.

Easy Money – Here are some Trials Frontier tips on locations to get easy money. Early ones will become obsolete when better alternative open up. Being able to not crash will get you the most checkpoint bonuses. Experience for each stage will increase with levels.

  • 99c Cave Entrance Lv1-7 – By far on of the easiest tracks.
  • 181c Urban Jungle Lv7+ – A little more tricky than the Cave, but much more profitable.

Free Gems and Gold – Go to the store in town with the Santa looking owner. Watch videos for 1 Gem and 500 Coins each. Switch back and forth between tabs to trigger more free gem and coin videos. Eventually it will run out, but should have more after awhile. Good tactic for easy gems and easy money. Seems to work very consistently when paying out. Never lost anythings like same free currency systems in other games.

Level Up Fast – Always try to complete as many missions as possible. You’ll get way more experience per race which makes leveling up go 3x+ faster. If your getting close to leveling up, try to bank missions without turning them in. Then grind on good coin earners and level up with remaining fuel. When leveled up turn in missions for good boost of exp earned on the new level. You might need another medium to full recharge to go up again.

When your logged in to an internet connection Fuel refill cost 3 Gems at the store. Normal they would be 13 ems when offline. This drastic price reduction can be used to speed through the game faster. Using them is better the bigger the Fuel pool. So increase use more with higher fuel capacity.

Restart Race Free – Restart a race By long pressing the restart button in the top right of the screen. This does not cost any fuel. It’s a great way to keep trying on back flip challenges or other missed objectives. Once the track has been completed 5 fuel will be needed again.

Upgrading Bike – Don’t invest too much in the first couple bike unless it’s for a mission. Save your money for the bigger tiers. Try and complete as much as possible without upgrading. Horde coins for when you really need them.

Higher tier bikes will require higher tier items. This can dry up your items inventory really fast. Showdowns us random bikes on track. For this reason it’s a good idea to max all out by the end. Probably better to work from the top down though.

Wheel Bonus – This tip can help land on what you need more often on the bonus wheel. First long pres on the item you need to wide landing area. This will not work for Gems. Now try to find the easiest way to do the same move over and over. When you can do the same speed consistently change the starting position to target landing location.

Wheel Selection – View the Inventory During the Wheel before spinning. View thing that are low or in need of and aim for them. This will increase upgrade output speed overall while playing. Next, try to go for items that have red symbols meaning something needs them.

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