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Hill Climb Racing Wiki with Guides and all you need to succeed! This Hill Climb Racing Wiki and Guide can be updated daily so check back in the future. Below is information for different aspects of the game so you can spend your hard-earned coins more wisely.

After the last update by Fingersoft, the number of levels and vehicles can seem daunting. While some rides should be completely avoided in the beginning, later when your raking in the cash spending on these is much easier.

Hill Climb Racing Wiki Guide


  • Achievements Guide
  • End of Level
  • Farming
  • Levels and Stages
  • Obstacles
    • Xmas Trees
  • Vehicles
    • Best Vehicles


WARNING – Are you having fun right now? Have you been playing this game, upgrading things, and loving it? Though it’s nice to have God power learning on your own can be very rewarding. Below is information the may help you tremendously. Spoiler…Alert.

Here are a few tips to help you out during gameplay and mise well give you the good stuff first:

Save Coin – Save coin by not spending coin on the wrong ride. The Tank is an all around great piece of machinery that can dominate in most areas with some made specifically for it like the Mountain. You not wasting a single coin taking this guy to the max. When you calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) you’ll find that this one should be listed in the goose that lay’s golden egg’s category.

Coins – As you travel through levels you will come along coin that you can pick up and add to your wallet. There further you can make it into a level the more coins you’ll find all bunched up at once. The group will max out at 2 rows of 7 coins worth 500 each after level 19 at about 6100 meters in.

Best Farming Spot – The Moon can net you some serious currency in a short time with air time bonuses. Vehicles that can go from zero to 60 the fastest our optimal because of the small space available for acceleration near massive hang time launch positions. A bad run might get you around 250,000 coins in a couple of minutes where good runs will put you in the millions real quick. Unlock early for a life long grind spot of the gods.

The Super Diesel – starts out poor and slow, but once it’s close to fully upgraded it’s one of the best vehicles for endurance due to a large capacity for gas. The Mountain and Forest stages compliment it very well, but where it excels past most others except The Kiddie Train is on the Highway. This tactic can be used to earn a steady income to spend on other things while you do some exploring.

End of Level – If you were ever hoping to make it to the end I have some bad news for ya. Unfortunately, it kinda goes on forever. Using cheats for unlimited fuel lets you further than you should and after awhile fuel cans are few and far between like your not suppose to be there.

Xmas Trees – These beauties can be hard to knock down at times. I sure wish there was something in those presents. Gonna need something big with traction.

Rally Car vs Race Car – The race car will gain better traction and downforce at higher speeds. The Rally Car is many bouncers with less downforce making it much more useful for farming the Moon, even better without downforce upgrades.

Invisible Wall – When going backward the game will only let you go so far. After traveling a short distance in reverse you will come across an invisible wall that can flip and crash you quite easily.

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