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Hill Climb Racing Tips

Hill Climb Racing Tips to set you in the right direction. Below is helpful tips for all aspects of the game from what you should drive to where you should drive it, mixed in with a little “I didn’t know that”. These Hill Climb Racing Tips can be updated daily so check back in the near future.

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Hill Climb Racing Tips

Did you just upgrade your engine and it feels like nothing improved? That’s because on certain levels with slippery roads, increasing power without putting on new Tires can do nothing for acceleration and hill climbing. Traction is key or all that horsepower never meets the road. Keeping both upgrades close to the same level will raise overall performance over the growing of a ride.

Traction – Some vehicle have both Tires and 4WD which are pretty much the same thing, giving it more gripping ability then those without it. The Monster Truck has the most room for traction modifications making it a top choice for steep and slippery surfaces.

Not sure which Vehicles to buy? Some areas may have a specific one that’s needed like things that do good in water. Two that really stand out and can dominate almost anywhere are the Monster Truck and Tank. Your not throwing your coins away on these guys. Both can go just about everywhere letting you bank up those bonuses for unlocking new things.

Best place for Farming Coins? The #1 location I’ve found is the Moon. Because of the low gravity your able to hang in the air for a long time gaining bonuses. In a short period you can easily earn 10-30,000 coins with over 200,000 being a normal 2 minute run. Driving something that doesn’t hug the ground and takes off really fast is ideal. The Snowmobile and Dune Buggy have qualities that make them ideal for big hang time like quick starting speed and and they don’t stay grounded well. A Dragster without any stability will have the quickest start up speed for getting massive air and spin with the smallest little hump, 5 plus rotates is almost a minimum. Mars also let’s you get a little floaty.

Your other option is to try and get as far as possible for the distance bonuses. The coin you pick up while traveling go up in value the further you get too maxing out at 500 each with 14 total if you can get far enough.

What should I do with the Hovercraft? This things is made specifically for areas with liquid like substances like the Beach, Mudpool, and Volcano. Once it’s maxed out it can go other places outside of it’s water box.

Kiddie Express is looking pretty nice, any ideas? Works really good on the Highway due to not flipping easy, extra fuel, and above average for going up hills. If you loose your rear car from hitting bumps too hard you will gain acceleration and power, cause your towing less weight. Crashing becomes more likely as you will roll over easier.

Forest trees? Though the Tractor picture makes it look like it’s good for this stage, it’s actually horrible since it always wants to fly over backwards. It’s like the trees are fighting back. Your gonna need something heavy that doesn’t tip back.

What stages to unlock first? Right away anything that requires abnormally awesome grip are probably out of the question. Alien Planet and areas with snow are very slippery needing a buffed out ride. Slow and steady with few obstacles is what your looking for. Countryside, Desert, Highway, Moon, Mars, and Night all have beginner qualities making them perfect for getting a long ways with little. To go the furthest in any place your gonna need something that has max stats.

Rotating Bonuses – Sometime when you jump off the edge of a large valley or small hole your ride will try to flip. In many cases you can do at least 1 safely for some extra cash. Being more comfortable doing this will net you bigger earnings in the long run. Just a little work smarter not harder technique. The Motor Bike is one of the best for turning in the air and even comes with it’s own Mid-Air Control for bigger tricks.

Fuel – The Truck, Tourist Bus, and Kiddie Express all have the highest capacity for gas letting them go further than other without. This is useful for starting the race with a larger supply and gaining more from red gas can pick-ups. Using this tactic on the Highway will probably get you as far as you’ll ever get anywhere else.

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