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Clash of Kings Tips with Wiki like organization. This Clash of Kings Tips and Wiki post can be updated daily so check back in the future. This app was developed by Elex Inc and is currently only available on Android.

Clash of Kings Tips Wiki

Best Faction – The best factions would be the ones at the top of the rankings. These are more than likely very active with experienced players. You may need a good set up before joining. Careful when giving out your location. Some groups are pure evil destroying everything in their path.One minute you have a new buddy, the next minute your friends are attacking you. It’s the small fish effect.

For easy joining see what people are saying in Chat. There are bound to be loads of folks begging for new members. They may not be the best factions, but yo could always leave.

Best Troops – The Best Troops would have to be large amounts of long ranged attackers. A Range building is needed to train them. They can kill without being harmed and you’ll need them against other long ranged units. That means small armies without ranged attack and defense will be much easier to defeat. This also makes ranged the best troops for predictable situations. A no loss all gain effort for hit and run resources. It’s also a good idea to bring a unit that’s strong against a ranged weakest.

In the long run though learning how to use each of the high level units is the best way. Being prepared for many things at once and survival will increase.

Download – You can get the Clash of Kings Download free for Android on Google Play. It is not yet available for iOS at iTunes.

Food Warning – The food icon in this games shows a lolly pop or candy for the holidays. This is actually one of the worst things to eat on the planet in access amounts. Sugar makes Cancer grow rapidly in real life.

Gameplay – Here’s a gameplay video showing different parts of the game.

Keeps Crashing

  1. One of the main things that may cause an app to keep crashing would be a mod. Modded Apk files can often be corrupt due to someone not actually having a mod. They may alter the app in some way or form, but it doesn’t work and probably never did. This is a common technique used by websites to gain more traffic. Pretending to have something when they really don’t, aka spam. There were probably other things they where trying to get you to install or buy.
  2. For none modded user you may have too many programs open at once. This can cause a device to slow down and not work right.
  3. The next things on the list would be a restart of the device.

If none of these things helped than you might have a device that’s not supported yet.

Release Date – Clash of Kings Release Date was on November 10, 2014 for Android world wide. So far Android is the only platform to play it on. Whether it will come out on other devices and platforms is unknown at this time. Due to the popularity of this app I wouldn’t be surprised to see in more places at a later date.

Screenshots – Below are some screenshot for Clash of Kings. Click on the images to make them large.

Skill Points – Skill points are gained by leveling up and are used to improve areas of the game. These can be spent by tapping the profile picture. If your wondering  what to spend skill point on production times is a good start. Having thing build faster will speed up the rate of play. This also makes the app more enjoyable at later levels.

  • Combat – Increase attack and defense of all military units. Calvary, Archer, and Chariots in Siege damage seems to be the most important stat. The last one is an Active skill that heals injured after battle.
  • Develop – Increases production income of goods along with better production times. Raise resource gathering speed in the world.
  • Support – Improve castle defenses with faster fire rate and quicker built times. One of the last ones speeds up the training of all soldiers. Also improves the Hospital duties like reduction in cost and healing times.

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