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Zombie Dash WikiThis Zombie Dash Wiki is for the Italy Games release on Android at Google Play for free, but is currently not available for iOS/iPhone/iPad at iTunes. Zombie Dash is an Adventure game were your goal is to get as far as possible by dodging different obstacles and using different weapons to destroy zombies and enemies in your way.

Zombie Dash Wiki

Boss Mode


Tips & Tricks



There are 2 different styles of gameplay Normal Mode and Boss Mode. On Normal you simple have to dodge and destroy trying to make it as far ass possible. When playing against Bosses you have to defeat them to move on to the next area and doing so can be more difficult than Normal.

Starting out with a good weapon and finding useful pickups along the way is the key to making it as far as possible. An easy tip for going the distance is paying close attention to the holes in the ground as there about the only thing that can kill you in one shot. Have more hearts will help out a ton when it comes to survival.

Make sure to focus on grabbing coins as they will let you buy the best¬†weapon which can make things surprisingly easier. Be sure to try and hit those boxes with “?” on them as they can contain heart refills, weapons, and invincibility which makes thing much easier.

Other apps developed by Italy Games include Zombie Killer and Zombie Smasher.

Check back often as this Zombie Dash Wiki can be updated daily with new content.

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