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Zombie Dash WeaponsZombie Dash Weapons can be purchased in the shop or found randomly inside “?” boxes by jumping up and hitting them with your head. Some weapons are better than others in certain situations. You can only have 1 weapons equipped at a time and can’t switch once you pick up a new one. When the ammo for a picked up gun runs out it will switch back to your starting gun.

At first your best chance of survival is to rapid tap the attack button when your wielding your default weapon the Shotgun. This will clear most of the things in your way including some stationary taps like spikes. All other guns become much more powerful when you rapidly tap the attack button. Here are some Tips & Tricks to help you out.

Zombie Dash ShotgunShotgun – Has a very short range and blast radius and you start with this for free. Can be very effective in the beginning by rapid tapping the attack button so nothing that gets in the way survives.

Zombie Dash M16A1M-16A1 2,000c – Shoot small bullets straight forward at a rapid rate will small pauses between every few shoots. Quick cheap upgrade from the Shotgun and can reach the entire length of the screen.

Zombie Dash BazookaBazooka 4,000c – Does big damage to things at a distance but has a one of the slowest firing rates.


Zombie Dash FreezerFreezer 6,000c – Freezes things in there trace with projectile that go the distance of the screen. Rate of fire is like a big machine gun.

Zombie Dash Lightning GunLightning Gun 6,000c – Shoots an arc of lighting straight forward. The Laser Jetpack has this plus you can fly so money spent here will be wasted.

Zombie Dash Flame ThrowerFlame Thrower 8,000c – Shoots flames in front of you a little ways then flames fall to the ground in a semi large area. Does devastating damage and can destroy bosses fast at close range. The further you let the flame travel the bigger of area it will engulf. Has a hard time targeting thing that are above you at a distance. Because of the unique fighting style this weapon can do more harm than good in lots of situations. Can be a bad item to get at times in random boxes.

Zombie Dash MS07A GyanMS-07A Gyan 9,000c – Shoots blue shots directly in front of you the entire length of the screen and then some. Useful for taking out target at a distance, but has a small attack reach when it comes to aiming up and down. Armor can protect you from damage or.

Zombie Dash JetpackJetpack 9,000c – When this is equipped your jump button will let you fly through the air making you almost 100% resistant to falling in holes and dying. The absolute worst for Boss Mode as rolling bombs only touch things on the ground and you’ll rare hit the boss..

Zombie Dash Laser JetpackLaser Jetpack 12,000c – When wearing this your jump button now lets you fly and the attack button shoots a red laser out at medium distance doing big damage. Can be good if you like to fly, but short range offense can slow you from getting more kills and coins. When used right this is probably the best weapon for getting coins when used in Boss Mode.

Zombie Dash HeartHeart 15,000c – Purchase these to increase you starting heart count by 1. A must have as it’s the only armor in the game besides random Invincibility found from random boxes. You should probably get a better weapon first as it can drastically increase your rate of coin earnings.

Find more information on the Zombie Dash Wiki.

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