Nov 152014

Zombie Dash Tips TricksBelow is a list of Zombie Dash Tips & Tricks to help you out through gameplay.

Coins – You can get coins by touching them during runs, killing zombies (1) and bosses (150c), doing free offers, and buying them with real money. After killing bosses they can take a little bit to re-spawn again and are one of the fastest ways to get coins besides buying them. Combining the Laser Jetpack and bosses can get you rich quick.

Survival – Avoid holes in the ground as it’s the only thing that can kill you in 1 hit. When starting out it’s best to rapid fire the Shotgun for a faster gain of coins and to act as a shield to protect you from loosing hearts letting you make it further. Spend your coins on a really good weapon before you buy a heart upgrade, this will earn you more coins faster. Jumping on top of zombies will kill them.

Weapons – The Flamethrower is one of the best weapons to take down bosses real fast and lays a good blanket of damage to keep you safe, it doesn’t shoot up however and has limited distance of fire. All other guns become much more powerful when you rapidly tap the attack button.

Bonus Weapons – These can be found randomly by touching boxes with ?’s on them during runs. For some of them the number that appears over your head will be the amount of ammo you have left so you can conserve if needed, while others it will be a timer so feel free to shoot as much as possible.

Flying – Using a Jetpack can be very good for getting all those floating coins everywhere. Getting one of these can be a good or bad thing depending on your ability to use it. This is probably the fastest way to get coins and when stacked with boss fighting you can get some serious coin.

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