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Zombie Dash ReviewThis is a Zombie Dash Review for the Android only app developed by Italy Games you can download it for free at Google Play. This app is listed in the Adventure category though it could be more accurate to call it a Casual game.

From the very beginning it seems like everything available is within reach and not put behind a wall of grinding or earning special currency. Gameplay is basically trying to work your way through a gauntlet of obstacles, zombies, and bosses to gain enough coins to upgrade your stuff.

There are 2 modes, Normal Mode where you try to get as far as possible while dodging obstacles and enemies trying to get that coin, and Boss Mode where everything is the same accept there’s a huge boss trying to bring you down.

Along the way you can find boxes that will let you try out all the other weapons available randomly so you get to try it before you buy it. You can also get a short term Invincibility bonus that lets you chill out and go for the coin.

There are 9 different Weapons to choose from each with there own unique play style and some that let you fly. When you purchase a new weapon your ammo is infinite unlike the ones found randomly which disappear after awhile. You also have the option to add additional hearts increasing the amount of damage you can take. When it comes to pricing everything seems to be reasonably obtainable.

You can check out some Tips & Tricks that can make thing go a lot easier or head on over to the Zombie Dash Wiki for more info.

Zombie Dash Screenshot

Zombies are scary!

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