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Zombie Dash Boss ModeZombie Dash Boss Mode is exactly like Normal only you can make extra coin by taking town the big guy. There is only one boss at the moment and after you defeat it you’ll get 150 coins and fill up your health, it will then spawn again after time if you don’t die.

Boss Mode is the best place to ear coins when combined with the Laser Jetpack. Flying let’s you get 2 to 3 times more floating coins and the laser let’s you kill the boss fast at close range. Be sure to rapid tap the fire button so you can earn coins from zombie kills and remove obstacles for better survivability.

When damaging the boss heavily it will try to flee and then return with the same health after a short time. Using short range high damage weapons can help you kill it fast when it’s close to you before it runs off.

When fighting it can be much easier to fall in a hole as your jumping all over the place trying to kill the boss. Unless you have a super good weapon your just going to have to be more patient.

Finding items like Invincibility in “?” boxes can make thing much better though you can still die from falling. Lay on the trigger and walk right through and over obstacles and enemies without taking damage. The effects of Invincibility will go away after about a minute so you’ll have some time to relax.

Investing in upgrading your heart count can be expensive but necessary to make it to the furthest depths of Zombie Dash.

Video Boss Gameplay

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