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Though there is already a ton of available help online we’ll help fill in the gaps. Check back daily for new and updated content.

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Paladin Build – Zenonia 5 Best Class

This is in my opinion the Zenonia 5 Best Class and I think many others would agree. Most Importantly it will get you through Hell. He can hit hard and is not squishy with free healing on the go. I have seen 2 other Paladin builds online and I feel their skill points where spend badly giving this class a glass cannon feeling. Below I’ll show you how to walk through this game making it probably the most relaxing and easiest class to play with.

High on ATT, DEF and HP recovery skills for PvP with Holy Cross (AoE Slow) and Hammer of Justice (AoE Stun) and kill everything that’s not tied down. After playing this class late game you release how over powered he is. Going back to old areas is a blast, you’ll kill things fast with just normal attacks and stock pill items fast.

Max level is 119 for 118 skill points and 354 stat points to distribute.
STR = 5 ATT, 1 DEF, .20 CRI.DMG
DEX = .08 HIT, .26 EVA, .36 CRI
CON = 1 ATT, 2 DEF, 26 HP
INT = 1 ATT, .18 HIT, .14 CRI, 26 SP

This Paladin Build Goals
Medium Defense
Max Evasion?
100% CRI Rate
Complete Hell
Max PvP Survival & Wins

End Game Stats with/without gear?


Increasing active skills as little as possible at first to minimize SP use and focusing on building up passive skills can help you save tons in potions. If you do the max on most skills the first investment is the best Effect/SP ratio, after that you’ll end up spending much more to cast it then the added benefit. Passive skills on the other hand are free. Being able to cast more with also increase you DPS long term when avoiding potion use.

Skills Taken End Game 118:

1-10 Curing Light L1 – A self healing skill that is usable very early in the game. Comes in handy in PvP when fighting bots for chests and weaker players. Will off set potion use so you can sell many for gold.

1-10 Holy Cross L15 – 500-800% AoE DMG, 120-240 SP – Leaving this at level 1 early on can save you a ton in SP. The first purchase has the best DMG/SP cost ratio as apposed to the fully upgraded version which costs x2 to cast , but dealing only 60% more damage. Higher DMG and Slow chance would be the benefit of most expensive version.

1 Hammer of Silence – Needed for Hammer of Justice.

1-10 Hammer of Justice L25 – 700-1015% AoE DMG, 50-80% Stun chance – Like Holy Cross just 1 point is good for awhile in the beginning saving you loads in SP.

1-10 Archangel’s Blessing L45 20-60 Duration – A tank with great attacking power. Things will move a lot faster with this guy and you’ll take less damage. A must have for any area of the game as it power levels with you and it hits hard with fast AoE’s. Great for the Abyss, Bosses, and completing Quests in a timely fashion. It can die fast in some situations making the time upgrade useless. Keeping low until mastering passive skills can help the SP pool, then increase when SP isn’t a problem at later levels.

15 ATT L5 – 4%-32% ATT. With this maxed out you’ll get 1.6 more ATT per STR point invested.

15 CRI Rate L15 - I like to save up and max this out when it becomes available. It goes hand in hand with a pure STR build which increases CRI.DMG. A 40%+ CRI rate at level 18 is unheard of, unfair, and turns Holy Cross into potential 1 hit kill shot.

15 STR L25 - Goes with ATT above and raises ATT by %.
DEF per STR -

15 Passive Master L35 – 3-30%+ to All Passive Skills – Raises all passive stats by a %. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a passive ability so amazing.

1-15? Survival Instinct L45 – Have a 10% chance to fill 5-33% of health up on a hit.

1? Area Zero L45 – Preloads a CRI hit for 2 sec so you can land your hardest blow.

Skill Point Spending:
2. Curing Light 1
5. Holy Cross 1, ATT% 1
15-19. CRI Rate Increase 15
20 Hammer of Silence 1
25 Hammer of Justice 1
35-40 Passive Master 15

Wizard Build – Max INT

Very High ATT, but very squishy and often the first to die.

In this Wizard build I will be putting all may stat points into INT. The next question is how should I invest my skill points. The goal here is to ride the wave and stay ahead of the difficulty curve by making the best decisions with the options we have to choose from.
Wizard Build

Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats

Abyss Re-Roll – If you force close your app before the loading symbol when you get Game Over in the Abyss, you can re-enter again. You will loss your items but gain infinite chances to get more without waiting. This works great on those runs where you get nothing.

Best Gear Free – It’s all about the Abyss and you can enter it once an hour for free from the STATUS menu, after that it costs zen. Inside you find only Epic, Unique, Legend, and Set quality gear. These items will always be around your level and much stronger than most in-game stuff and a 1000% easier to obtain. Make sure to go here every hour while gaming to get super powerful stuff easy and fast that will send your class to new heights.

Boss Drops – When a Boss dies you will usually have 3 options to get it’s drops:
1. Listen to Main Story cut scene and hope the drops didn’t disappear over time.
2. Skip the story and pick up the drops.
3. Rapid tap the pick-up/attack button over the Boss right after you kill it, you’ll have to be right on him for the kill shot.

Bosses seem to drops things on the first kill easier and it can be great equipment so I would recommend option 3, though gear can become outdated rather quickly when leveling.

Buffs – Any buff with a % increase is probably going to be better in the long run as it technical will grow with you. Buffs with set number are a one time purchase and that’s it, though using both together can be ideal.

Dash – You can double tap in any direction to to a short dash. It’s like a free short range teleport spell with .4 seconds cooldown. This will dramatically increase your movement speed x2+?. Use this as a first step when fleeing to help outrun your opponents.

Dying – Save often and force close the app and restart it when you die to save tons on gold and exp loss in the long run. This is especially so for key event where your told that you can’t save on the next map.

Extra Space – Don’t forget that you can store items in your Bank when areas of your inventory get over crowded.

First Steps – Earn 250 free Zen and unlock the big inventory upgrade of 28 for the max asap or you’ll be making a lot of trips to the store.

Fixing Equipment – You Main, Offhand, Head, Body, Hand, and Feet slots will have items with durability. Necklace, Cloak , Ring , and Amulet don’t have durability. To fix stuff and use them again, go to EQUIP or INVEN in your menu select the item and tap the orange hammer icon on the bottom left. You should wait till something break encase you find something better.

Free Zen – The only way to get this is by continuously checking their Free ZEN offer list until they put new offers up. I do not know how often this happens yet, but hoping a month max. Saving my self for the 28 Slot increase for Inventory. Hopefully I find free option in game.

Leveling – At first new areas and monsters can be overwhelming. That should be an indicator they are worth good exp for fast leveling. Many times your only choice of attack is to work on getting good gear as best you can and carefully defeat enemies.

Potions – Potions drop according to your level, so if you Lv 100 in an area with Lv 6 enemies you’ll still find jumbo healing according to your current level.

PvE – Fighting most enemies is very straight forward. Either they attack first or pause first letting you attack. When they attack evade, then attack when its over. Most bad guys only have 1 or 2 moves which can be very easy to avoid and counter after some practice. Avoidance is the key, some enemies and groups will kill you in a blink, learn to avoid and know when to safely attack. Many fights are not a race, but a chessboard of motion. The next big thing is being able to land your best attacks on your target. Critical hits, big hits, constant hits all can stop a monsters actions. When their purple there stunned with continuous big damage usually making things worse.

PvP – As a Paladin you can dash everywhere wasting your opponents SP while healing at the same time. Fights are not live and are controlled by bots using other players stats and equipment. Bots have predictable movements making them easier to kill, though well equipped players can by godlike.

Quick Level Up – The fastest way to level up is by completing Quests, next would be grinding the highest level you can reach in PvE. For best gear play Abyss and PvP options.

Stun – When attacking an enemy continuously with normal and skill attacks they can turn purple, which means their knocked the !);*… out. This is a good time to whip out the kitchen sink. Some skills will have a chance to do this on command like the Paladins L35 Judgment Hammer.

Titles & Achievements List

- All Stats
Goat Slaughterer: All Stats +5 – Kill 50 Baphomets – Kill goat looking creatures including in the early Abyss. Can be obtained very early in game and is very help until Frog Killer.
Frog Killer: All Stats +10 – Kill 50 Venom Frogs – Found in Sword Rock areas.
Winner: All Stats +10 – 11 PvP Wins
Ent Slaughterer: All Stats +15 – Kill 50 Dark Ents – This is obtained after reaching Magic City. Dark Ents are Lv. 60 and easy to avoid and kill.
Cerberus Killer: All Stats +20 – Kill 50 Cerberi
Champion: All Stats +20 – 101 PvP Wins
Battle Road: All Stats +30 – 1001 PvP Wins
God of Winning: All Stats +50 – 5001 PvP Wins
Bourgeois: All Stats +10% – Obtain 1,000,000 gold – You should get Jackpot below first by having exactly 7777 gold for 2% HP Absorb.
- Strength
Mining Mania: Strength +10% – Acquire 1 magic pickaxe
Kumtra Killer: Strength +20% – Kill 50 Kumtras
Legendary Miner: STR+15% – Mine 100 Orichalcons
- Attack
Strong Challenger: Attack +10% – 101 PvP losses – This should be a side effect of going for your All Stat titles.
Mud Slayer: Attack +20% – Kill 100 Mud Titans
- Dexterity
Smuggler: Dexterity +10% – Talk to the Dark Merchant (Agran Village) 20 times – There will not be any indicator you got this. Make him say “…”
Pro Smuggler: Dexterity +15% – Talk to the Dark Merchant (Agran Village) 30 times – Same as above.
- Constitution
Rookie Miner: Constitution+5% – Mine 20 Bronze – Done early around Agran Village while doing Quests.
Top Class Miner: Constitution +10% – Mine 50 Mithril
Super Miner: Constitution +15% – Mine 50 Orichalcon
- Defense
Loser: Defense +10% – 11 PvP losses – This should come as a side affect of winning and should not be focused on.
Eye Destroyer: Defense +20% – Kill Big Eyes
Legendary Warrior: HP +20% - Reach level 99
- HP
Challenger: Max HP +100 – Reach level 5
Newb Hero: Max HP +300 - Reach level 10
Rookie Hero: Max HP +500 - Reach level 30
Veteran Hero: Max HP +1000 - Reach level 50
Super Hero: HP +10% - Reach level 70
Warrior: HP +15% - Reach level 90
- HP Absorb
Jackpot: HP Absorb +2% – Have exactly 7777 gold – Try to get this early so you can focus on saving gold.
Invincible Hero: HP Absorb +3% – Use 50 origin of life
- Intelligence
Fairy Lover: Intelligence +10% – Use 10 awakening stones or 20 Extract skill stones
Fairy Mania: Intelligence +20% – Use 20 awakening stones or 40 Extract skill stones
- SP Absorb
Cool User: SP Absorb +2% – Play for two hours
The Resurrected: SP Absorb +3% – Use 20 Origin of Lives
- Other Titles
Apprentice Blacksmith: ? – Refine at least 10 times
Skilled Blacksmith: ? – Refine at least 50 times
Godly Blacksmith: ? – Refine at least 100 times
Apprentice Combiner: ? – Combine at least 5 times
Skilled Combiner: ? – Combine at least 25 times
Alchemist: ? – Combine at least 50 times
Clincher: ? – Complete 50 Side Quests
Rookie Scanner: ? – Use 20 Scanning Scrolls
Apprentice Scanner: ? – Use 100 Scanning Scrolls
Pro Scanner: ? – Use 500 Scanning Scrolls
Zenonia Mania: ? – Play for 20+ hours
Earth Traveller: ? – Visit the Abyss 50 times
Earth Surpasser: ? – Visit the Abyss 250 times
Monster Hunter: ? – Visit Raid mode 50 times
Devil Monster Hunter: ? – Visit Raid mode 250 times



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