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Zenonia 5 Walkthrough Main Side QuestsZenonia 5 Walkthrough showing Main & Side Quests along with locations of Bosses while using a Paladin Build Found on the Zenonia 5 Wiki. Click links on the quest names to see a YouTube video walkthrough in the new Super HD 480p, recorded on a top of the line screen capturing software, Potato Max, includes real life screen tapping sounds and fat filter.

Zenonia 5 Walkthrough

Zenonia 5 Walkthrough Part:
1. Paladin Intro
2. Agran Village Quests
3. Megaroark Boss
4. White Wolf? Agran Village
5. Agran Village Quest Cleanup
6. Tania Boss
7. White Wolf Agran Village
8. Ordo & Poison Slim
9. Deva Castle
10. Aros & More Dreams
11. Rampike Boss
12. Lisa & Jake

Main Quests

*Bosses at M6, 12, 20
S=Start, F=Finish, e=Experience, G=Gold, every finished Main Quest will trigger the next one.

M1 Omnious Dream e70 100G
F: Visit Grandma Bella, Agran Village

M2 Grandma Bella’s Favor 1
F: Defeat 8 Violent Rimes (Ferum Mine Entrance), then get SP Potions from Ellen the Merchant (Agran Village). You might want to kill a couple levels extra to prepare for the first mini boss you’ll face very soon.

M3 Grandma Bella’s Favor 2 e250 250G
F: Grandma Bella, Agran Village

M4 To Mine E190 1150G
F: Enter Ferum Mine Entrance

M5 Safety For All e250 300G
F: Move to Ferum Mine N. District

M6* Monsters’ Captain e450 450G
F: Defeat the Monster Captain, Ferum Mine N. District – Keep your distance and let him strike first, then get in a few hits, rinse and repeat.

M7 To House e260 350G
F: Talk to Lisa in Agran Village

M8 Mom’s Whereabouts e310 400G
F: Talk to Grandma, Agran Village

M9 Fairy’s Ability e360 350G
F: Talk to Elementalist, Agran Village

M10 Swamp Search e640 650G
F: Find Master Azelos in North Swamp

M11 Find Mom e540 700G
F: Talk to your Mom at Dead Land Deep Area

M12* Me Vs Tania e1120 850G Old Cloak x1
F: Defeat Tania – I just started wind milling with a Paladin and she went down fast. Avoid her move then hit her a couple times, repeat till dead.

M13 Mom’s Last Words e970 850G
F: Go to Agran Village and look for Liza

M14 The Road to the Capital e1100 900G
F: Move to AD Forest Entrance

M15 Elderly Riddle e2260 500G
F: Kill Monsters and protect Old Man (Ordo) – Save before and reload if anything happens. Poison Slime shoot a purple cloud straight forward and are vulnerable against side and back attacks.

M16 To the Deva Castle e1390 1100G
F: Move to Deva Castle

M17 Lisa’s Whereabouts e1120 1200G
F: Visit Frankie, Deva Castle

M18 To Refuge e1710 1300G
F: Go to Rescue Station outside Deva Castle, AD Forest Vacant Area

M19 Unsettling Return e1870 1300G
F: Return to Deva Castle

M20* Defeat Rampike e2660 1500G
F: Kill Rampike at AD Forest Vacant Area

M21 Duke’s True Intention e2280 1650G
F: Meet Duke at capital, Deva Castle

M22 Jake’s Favor e3760 1200G HP Potion (M) x10
F: Bring 12 Irons to Jake at Deva Castle

M23 The Innkeeper e1960 1950G
F: Visit Grell the Innkeeper in Deva Castle.

M24 Jake’s Help e2160 2200G
F: Visit Jake in Deva Castle

M25 Find the King
F: Find the King who went to Sword Rock to negotiate with Asterians.

Side Quests

Agran Village

I Need Bronzes e540 350G HP Potion (S) x3
S: Gale the Miner, Agran Village F: Mine 8 Bronze in Ferum Mine

Defeat Mine Thieves e360 350G HP Potion (S) x3
S: Complete I Need Bronzes F: Defeat 10 Miner Zombies, Ferum Mine Entrance

Village’s Hero e105 200G
S: Grandpa Nieke after Defeat Mine Thieves F: Grandpa Nieke

Give and Take e765 550G SP Potion (S) x3
S: Grandpa Nieke after Village’s Hero F: Find 10 Shiny Stones scattered around the mine.

White Wolf e120 200G Nutritious Porridge x1
S: Grandpa Nieke after above F: Talk to Equipment Merchant, Agran Village

A New Hero e480 400G Old Amulet x1
S: Equipment Merchant, Agran Village F: Defeat 12 Demon Scouts

The Lady’s Favor 1 e885 550G Steak Candy x1
S: Lady, Agran Village F: Find Dark Merchant in Agran Village and buy a Abnormal Status Potion for 2000G of get one for free in Swamp chest before M11, you can also find a recipe to make this with HP Potion (M) x2 and SP Potion (M) x2.

The Lady’s Favor 2 e1170 600G HP Potion (S) x3
S: after The Lady’s Favor 1 F: get 10 Crocodile Leather from Swamp

More Help e1350 650G Power Dumpling x1
S: Blacksmith F: Combine 2 Fresh Veggies with 1 HP Potion (M) at Blacksmith>Combine>Items

Collect Magic Crystals e1740 750G SP Potion (S) x3
S: Portal Merchant F: Find 12 Magic Crystals

Crops e2475 900g
S: M6 Innkeeper, Agran Village F: 10 Root Fruits around Mine Swamp

Sudden Attacker e1200 650G HP Potion (S) x5
S: M13 F: Defeat 12 Lizard Men in East Swamp from Agran Village

AD Forest Entrance

Defeat Mud Ogres
S: Talk to Scout, AD Forest Entrance F: Defeat 12 Mud Ogres in Swamp

The Messenger e390 400G
S: Talk to Scout, AD Forest Entrance F: Give the Swamp Scouting Report to Frankie in Deva Castle.

Deva Castle

Madame’s Dress
S: Smiron F: Collect 15 Banshee Cloth from Swamp

The Abyss e2280 1900G Salad Candy x1
S: Elementalist F: Give a Soul Stone to Aros, dropped by monsters in AD forest area..

Flower of Reconciliation e4410 1350G Marinated Fries x1
S: Antonio F: Gather 110 Adoraum Flowers

Young Supporter 1
S: M4, Antonio F: Get 14 swords from Lizard Men north of Deva Castle.

What’s Pvp? e1560 1300G HP Potion (M) x5
S: M16, Selpi F: Marsen, Deva Castle

Evolving Weapon
S: M16, Blacksmith F: Mine 10 Iron

Defeat Hell Flies e3000 1250G
S: M16, Elizabeth F: Kill 15 Hell Flies

Lost Bag
S: M24, Elizabeth F: Retrieve 10 Lost Bags from Hallow Ball’s north of Deva Castle.

Collect Fruits
S: Erica F: Gather 12 Forest  Fruits

Help a Scout
S: M24, Captain F: Find Swen the scout who has gone to Sword Rock.


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