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Zenonia 5 Review Android iOS iPad iPhoneThis is a Zenonia 5 Review for Android, iOS, iPad, and iPhone the breaks down the positives and negatives so you can decide if you wanna jump through these whoops. There are some things below you should know to protect yourself from abuse. For more info check out the Zenonia 5 Wiki.

Zenonia 5 Review for Android iOS iPad iPhone


Eye Candy – Zenonia 5 is one of if not thee best looking RPG on a mobile device.

RPG – One of few good RPG’s on Google Play.


Zenonia 5 is severely greedy requiring money for the most basic RPG features to the point where the game is almost broken. There are so many traps set up to try and push you into throwing money at this things you might not notice a lot of them, below I will go in detail for many of them. Developers are trying to make money abs0lutly any way possible probably because the title is old and their trying to squeeze every little bit of juice out of the thing. For as little content as this app has, the pay features or both way over priced and far to many. I wonder if GamEvil is trying to pay off some kind of debt? Maybe their in trouble.

Abyss - Obviously they have to set a drop rate so here’s what your dealing with. About every 3 times you enter the Abyss you will get none or very few drops, other than that you should get around 5 drops per 10 stages. If you exit the Abyss before the loading symbol appears you can re-enter right away, but you’ll loose your acquired drops.

Dying – When you die GamEvil will give you 2 options and hide the 3rd one from you. Keep in mind that your going to die a ton. This game is programmed for all the classes to be squishy until end game, were their still squishy. When you run out of HP you have 3 options: 1. revive at your last save point with a loss of 10% Exp, 5% gold loss and 10% equipment durability degrade. Why would anyone in there right mind do this when you can force close the app and restart at your last save for free? 2. Buy Origins of Life with Zen that cost real money. 3. Luckily, if you save often you can just force close the app and restart from your last save point for free! I bet that in the future they will put in an auto save feature making force close useless or at least they have definitely though about it.

Gold – This is almost useless and you will have enough to do anything around level 50 and up. Saving for the Dark Merchant high level gear is probably the best way to spend it.

Identify – Throughout the game your gonna find equipment with question marks on them. These items must be identified with scrolls that cost Zen. Since I highly doubt there are that many people spending money on this thing you are basically filling my already tiny inventory with garbage. This makes picking up drops even more tiring and wasteful.

Inventory – This is probably where GamEvil makes the most cash besides stat increases. We get up to 14 item slots to start out across 4 different areas that are reduced by equipped items and books: Equipment (8 slots), Accessories (10), Items (14 slots), and Materials (11 slots), which is hands down the worse I’ve seen in any game, ever. It’s gonna get worse, hold on. Your inventor is going to get slammed with drops and eventually your gonna be deleting things in the field cause a store is to far away. You’ll be in and out of your inventory trying to make room for good drops the last 3/4 of the game.

Newbie Package WARNING!!! - Once you see stuff like this you truly realize these people could care less about you and are willing to make cash by any means necessary. This is a package that cost Zen they try and get new players to purchase so they can get a good start on things. In reality this is garbage, useless, and a complete waste of Zen. For 250 Zen you get 20 Origin of Life (can be good for boss battle, but not a must), 10Scanning Scrolls (You will probably waste these on low level equipment that will be obsolete in a few levels), 5 Random Treasure Boxes (Free in PvP), and a 7 slot expansion on your inventory (looks good at first, but then…). You should completely avoid this misleading Newbie Rape Package and spend the 250 Zen to unlock the full 28 extra slots in your inventory.

Online Only – Enough said.

Updates – As time goes on updates come out to help increase profits and squeeze as musc juice out of this thing as they can. This is when you see reductions in inventory size, removal of features that make the game fun or easier, and higher costs for items. At this point in this games development, it’s probably just about maxed out in brick laying.

Zen – The only way to get free Zen is to do offers and download other apps they recommend. They claims to refresh the list, but I’m still waiting? You will get to earn 95 free Zen with the initial offers which isn’t enough to buy anything useful and just 5 short of purchasing anything good. Update, 2 months later and still waiting for more free offers.

End Note

As rough as Zenonia 5 can be around the edges and as painful as it can be at times, it might be more painful not to play this app if your dying to play a free RPG.

With the massive amount of traps set to make money in this game, it sure goes hand in hand with their business name. I always wondered why someone would put negative words like Evil in Gamevil then make it a business name. It’s like I started a business called “HeyT” cause I like the word “Hey” and the letter “T”, never mind that it sounds like “hate”.

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