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Zenonia 5 Boss Guide Paladin GameplayA Zenonia 5 Boss Guide and Gameplay for the Paladin with an all STR build. Zenonia 5 bosses can range from easy to holy smokes I have some thinking to do. Below I make sure to show my current stats, skills, and gear so you can better gauge where your at.

The best things to do when your having a hard time with a boss is to upgrade equipment in Abyss, PvP, Dark Merchant, Daily Gifts, with Recipes, and grinding past enemies and bosses. You can make Upgrade Stones at the Blacksmith which can then be placed into equipment to make it stronger. You can also refine things raising it’s level and stats, but the item can break on the first try making a Paid Recovery Scroll very necessary.

Check out our Zenonia 5 Wiki for more info or watch the whole Zenonia 5 Boss Guide Gameplay Playlist

Zenonia 5 Boss Guide – Normal

Megaroark – Monster Captain

Megaroark is a very early boss that can kill you if you get hit too much and don’t heal. Try to keep your distance and heal when necessary. It’s recommended to level slightly before facing so you can walk right through him.

Tania – Asterian General

Tania has 2 moves plus can summon spiders to fight by her side. Tania’s medium range attack can hit you multiple times if you get caught in it’s path, simple side step to avoid. She will shoot a 3 orb burst at long range that can be pretty easy to avoid. When fighting in close range all of her attacks can hit hard. Can be stunned and knocked around with high ATT.

Poison Slime – Otto

Poison Slims can be deadly if your caught in the path of their poison cloud. They only have 1 move so just side step, then go in for the kill.

Rampike – Asterian Captain

In this video I run around like I don’t know what I’m doing. Rampike only has 1 short range attack that is very easy to dodge. After Rampike attacks you can get in a few hits. The Hell Flies will just keep spawning so fighting them is a waste. Try to focus on the big guy and avoiding damage. Other trees like this later in the game can heal themselves and others when low on health. Not sure if this guy has healing ability. If he does just hit him with anything and he’ll snap out of it.

Haima – Asterian General

Haima isn’t much of a threat with decent gear, healing, and skill recharging by running around and avoiding damage. The biggest danger is his Phantom Fire Pillar skill which causes very high DPS within close range.

Roadamon – Powerful Monster

Kaz & Kazu – Asterian Twins

Visit our Zenonia 5 Wiki for more info.
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    Hi your doing an excellent job with theese guides. so please continue to post them, i love to se your videos how to defeat bosses beyond Kaz and Kazu.
    Keep up the good work.
    // Albin

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