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Zenonia 5 Avatar List Sets StatsA Zenonia 5 Avatar is a costume that you can wear over all your gear to change your look and increase stats. Below is a full list of sets. Though the buffs may seems on the small side they can make a huge difference late game. The only real downside to Avatars is that they cost Zen and can’t be obtained for free.

You can find your class specific Zenonia 5 Avatars on the corresponding tab in the Shop. Once purchased you can change and remove it in the EQUIP tap in your menu. The stats are the same for every class except the Paladin, which is almost twice as powerful than the rest. All of them will increase your normal, weapon, and skill attack damage.

When you enter the PvP areas you should be extra cautious when you see a player with one of these. It probably means he’s buffed out in other stats too. They are usually much stronger and you should try extra hard to dodge their attacks.

Because of the small bonus you receive it can be much more beneficial to spend your Zen on others things like slots. You can often find better equipment that can easily beat out the stats on an Avatar Set. Also, unless your really into vanity you should go for stats not looks, they are priced more according to look than stats and can be different for the same price.

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Zenonia 5 Avatar List Sets Stats


Berserker Avatars
+5% Hell Flame 600Z
+3% Dark Knight 600Z
+3% Dragon Knight 500Z
+3% Bloody Armor 350Z

A big hitter that can take a lot of damage the Berserker is a survivor. ATT will be important no matter your build as you’ll be forced to get in close to fight.


Mechanic Avatars
+5% Burst Machine 600Z
+3% Destroyer 600Z
+3% Full Mechanic 500Z
+3% Titanium Armor 350Z

The Mechanic is right up there with the Wizard when it comes to dying easy. Attack power is the main focus of this class as defense is lacking.


Wizard Avatars
+5% Psychic Wizard 600Z
+3% Devil Wizard 600Z
+3% High Templar 500Z
+3% Holies 350Z

The Wizard can be the squishiest class of all, but with some of the hardest hitting abilities. A little bit can go along ways so when it come to end game 5% can be thousands of damage. Since just about any build is gonna be able to die easy attack is what will save you the most.

These are the most animated of all with different color smoke effects coming of each.


Paladin Avatars
+8% Holy Paladin 600Z
+6% Archangel 600Z
+6% Golden Knight 500Z
+6% Temple Knight 350Z

These have high stat than Avatars for any other class and work great with a all Strength build. It’s no surprise since this game has a large angel and demon theme that the Holy class would be one of the best for gameplay.

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