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Zenonia 5 Abyss Guide Tips ItemsThis is an Zenonia 5 Abyss Guide with Tips and Items. The Zenonia 5 Abyss used to be the only place to find Legend items though you can get them in random boxes now. In the past you were only allowed to enter once a day for free, but now you can enter for free every hour. The items you find here are usually much better than stuff in PvE.

While in the Abyss you can find most equipment for any class with the quality of goods by Epic, Unique, and Legend. You can also find unidentified item that need a scroll to identify. You can know in advance what quality it is by looking at what types of items you get at the end of the Abyss when dying, then using the process of elimination.

Be sure to check out our Zenonia 5 Wiki for more info.

Warning: If you run out of room in your inventory while in the Abyss you will not be able to pick up any more items. This can be a major set back and cause you to miss out on uber items. Always make sure you have room to pick up drops before heading out. Also, your drops will disappear at the end of a stage so make sure to pick them up before they do.

Zenonia 5 Abyss Guide

Starting Points – You don’t have to start on the first stage and can jump right into high stages right away, though they are much harder. You’ll meet your first boss at stage 10 and then they’ll show up in almost every stage after that. Being able to withstand and complete later stages will depend more on your equipment than level.

Stage/Recommended Lv
1. Lv 5+
15. Lv 65+
20. Lv?
25. Lv?

Drops – The strength and level of equipment dropped will always be determined by the stage your on. The higher the stage the more difficult the monsters and better the equipment.

Stage/Equipment Drop Lv
1. 15|2. |3. |4. |5. |6. |7. |8. |9. |10. |11. |12. |13. |14. |15. 45|16.

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Zenonia 5 Abyss Items

Though items can have the same name their level and strength can vary greatly. You can find Epic, Unique, and Legend quality for the following equipment: Weapons, Shield, Armor, Head, Gloves, Boots, Rings, Medals, Cloaks, and Amulets.

Suffix’s include: Dawn Star, Destiny,

Zenonia 5 Abyss Tips

Drops – Will disappear at the beginning of the next stage. Drops get stronger the higher the stage you find them on.

Upgrade Stones – This tip will help you make stronger equipment. Since drops will always be Epic, Unique, and Legend you can find great materials for making Upgrade Stones at the Blacksmith.

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