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Worldcraft Wiki GuideA Worldcraft Wiki with guide and tons of other info. For a long time Worldcraft didn’t work so good. It seemed to be one of this developers (Craftgames) first apps. Since then they have gotten better at things and updated this title. Many people might not now that after the update Worldcraft is what Worldcraft 2 used to be before it was removed from the internet. So if you liked the second one this is the same thing with more content like blocks, mobs, and crafting possibilities.

Worldcraft Wiki Guide



If your looking for a free alternative to Minecraft this is about as close as your gonna get. There is a ton of things to do from crafting to building your dream house in block form.

Survival – You probably already know what this is. Start with nothing and learn to live off the land. Find shelter fast before it gets dark or you’ll be over run by hordes of Mobs. Dig down deep to find rare materials to build and craft with. Pile things into a Furnace and let it do all the work while you get back out and do some exploring.

Creative – Start with all the materials already in your inventory. No worry of dying as there are no mobs to defend against. Use the fly button to get around fast. When your all finished building your creations share it with the world by uploading it to the multiplayer servers.

Multiplayer – Play with people from around the world in their maps and yours. Check out massive creations by the developers and fans. Let the public edit your creations or let them look only. You can even set a password so select parties can add and remove content. Anyone can be downloaded to your device to be played and edited offline. The rename it and upload again as your own.


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