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Worldcraft 2 Wiki

A Worldcraft 2 Wiki with information on various aspects including Guides, walkthroughs, mobs, equipment, and more. Check back often as this wiki is updated regularly and will more than likely contain new content the next time you stop through. Got questions? Feel free to leave a comment, no need to log in, spam will be deleted.

Worldcraft 2 Wiki



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There are many other games that are exactly like this one only with different names including Worldcraft, Worldcraft 2, Planet of Cubes Online, and Cube World. All of these titles have the same items and crafts goods so this Wiki can be a source of information for each of them.

World Craft 2 is a Action game developed by s-labs, who also goes by other lab aliases like p-labs. It’s available on Google Play for Android devices and iTunes for people running a iOS. This app is very similar to Minecraft and I’m sure just about every body knows what that is. Major differences between this app and the one created by Notch would be fewer objects for creation like tools, weapons, and armor. The enemies count is also small at 4 or 5 though there are about 10 friendly animals that you can encounter and bread together to make more.

You can on the other hand design in small areas then upload them for others to help you with or show only letting people look and not touch. If you find someones map online to be something you would like to keep you can download it for editing or to play it offline. You can also re-upload it again under a different name to share it as your own.

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