Nov 072014

Worldcraft 2 WaterWorldcraft 2 Water is only available in Creative mode at the moment and doesn’t have any realistic physics yet. There is mention of it being added soon in a future update and by the looks of how they added it to his other game it shouldn’t be long. When you place a Water block in Creative it acts just like any other solid Blocks you place like dirt and stone.

Water blocks can be used as see through tiles in walls, floors, and ceiling. To remove it simply hold on it with your finger long enough. All Blocks take the same time to break down so this one wont be any faster to remove. It has no physics so it wont run all over the place or fill hole. The good thing is that you have an unlimited amount to place where you wish, unless of course your online and in an are where your not allowed to build.

Check back for any updates of the whereabouts of this missing necessity.

Water Rumor

Some people say that you get get some blue liquid by cutting grass with a bucket. The only other thing yo could use a bucket for would be Milk.

Others say that it is just hard to find and can be easier to locate under ground. If this is true this app would be better titled Dirtcraft.

I have yet to verify if either of the above are true and it makes more sense to me that it hasn’t been implemented yet, though it could give a person something to do for awhile.

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