Nov 072014

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Sadly Worldcraft 2 has been taken of the Google Play market without a reason why. Either it was too addicting or Notch had a tantrum.

The above video shows different aspect of Survival Mode including crafting, fighting, digging, day & night, underground, max depth, and mining all ore types including Coal, Iron, Gold, and Diamond. The play speed has been increased to show more material in a shorter amount of time.

When starting out finding shelter should be your main focus cause when night fails hordes of monsters are gonna get ya. Burrowing into the side of a hill or straight down into the ground can be your fastest place to hide. Blocks work better for doors in the beginning as zombies will kick those bad boys of the hinges and come straight for ya.

Multiplayer can be very entertaining in that you can work with others from around the world when it come to creating things. Having the option to download other peoples creation and play the offline is another neat feature.

Chat is a big help and lets you organize a group, though a mini talking webcam would be really nice, maybe in 10 years. If your looking for a public world to edit keep scrolling down on the far right Multiplayer menu.

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