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Worldcraft 2 Survival Mode GuideSurvival Mode is single player only and 1 of 2 gameplay modes in Worldcraft 2. It’s also the only place where your able to craft goods and come in contact with enemies that can harm you. The terrain will go on forever in all directions with randomly shaped land.

Survival Mode Guide

1. Find shelter before the first night falls or you might find yourself dead quick when the baddies come out to play. Some good places to hide would be holes in the ground or digging straight into the side of a hill, though you will need a light source to see in the dark. It can be pretty easy to find some surface caves or exposed rock containing coal so you can combine it with wood sticks from your crafting menu inside your inventory and make torches.

2. Your gonna need lots of food to keep going and must keep you food bars 8 or more to replenish lost health. The best place to find munchies would be to roam the surface right away in the morning and collect Rotten Flesh from Zombies who died in the sun light. You’ll have to move quick as dropped items will usually disappear in about 3 minutes.

3. You are not defenseless without a weapon though having one will make things easier to fight. With the long reach available for dispatching enemy units you can pick them off with ease from a safe distance in most cases without taking any damage. Pumpkin Heads have a fast ranged attack that is almost impossible to dodge at close range so be wary.

4. Make armor and weapons out of iron sooner than later to maximize survivability. Iron is found in large amounts all over the place and is only beat in defense by Diamond items which are much harder to find resources for.

5. It can be too easy to get lost, die, then not be able to get back to your dropped items before they disappear in 3 minutes. You should try to keep all the things you want in a chest so you don’t loose them. Following the sun is a good navigating tool in the beginning. Later when you have a Bed you can reset your spawn point to where you slept last.

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