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These are all the available Skins in Worldcraft 2 and there may be more in future updates. You don’t get any special benefit for using a particular skin though it can make it easier for people to find you online and identify you from others in the area. Right now there are 13 male and 11 female looks that you can choose from.

The only time you will get to show your costume is when your playing in an online game and only other people can see you, you can’t look at yourself. When creating and exploring in Survival Mode you will have no need for your outfit. All of them are unlocked from the very beginning of play and can be switched between and unlimited number of times without limits.

Male Skins

Bee Cop Eagleeye Flash King Military Pirate Red Robo Sensei Tux Vampire Zombie

Female Skins

Caroline Diana Emily Jennifer Jessica Lily Mary Queen Rachel Vanessa Victoria

How To Change Your Skin

If your not sure how to change your look, first you need to go into the Options on the Main Menu as shown below:

Worldcraft 2 Options

Now just click the skin button and scroll through the list to find you desired look:

Worldcraft 2 Skin

Potential Updates:

Many folks are complaining there isn’t a custom skin type that would let you create your own look and then share it with others kind of like having you own guild. It would be a very nice touch and definitely a refreshingly new way to label your group beside having a certain logo or flag like many others games. Using symbols and specific words in your name can still be used to help sort out the herd and let a group stand out.

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