Nov 072014

Worldcraft 2 PC Mac TVIf your looking to play Worldcraft 2 on your PC options are a little bit on the limited side. You can use a program called BlueStacks to play many Android games on your PC, Mac and TV, but some of them don’t have very good control set ups for the computer keyboard.

Not having proper controls for lots of games is one of a few problems yet along with some games and apps not working at all. The good thing is that many apps do work and turns your PC, Mac, and TV into and Android device for free. Which is just in time as big titles are starting to get ported over like PS2 and PC greatest hits type video games. It’s shows they could definitely do a mobile Final Fantasy 7 version or maybe all the FF’s in a giant combo pack.

Worldcraft 2 is one of those game that is not build for the keyboard yet. Unless you find a way to use 2 mouse pointers at one time in each hand or controller pads you can only look or move at one time, not both like walking and looking around.

If your having a hard time getting an something to install in BlueStacks you can use an app called App Backup & Restore to copy something into and .apk file you can then transfer to other devices for installation, might be prompted to turn on some permission on your device.

You can download Worldcraft 2 from Google Play Market for free and iTunes for money (app has been taken down).

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