Nov 072014

Worldcraft 2 MultiplayerWorldcraft 2 Multiplayer is only available in Creative Mode at the moment, but let’s you play with people from around the globe. When in Multiplayer you can join other people areas and help them build. You can also turn off editing from others or password protect it so only certain folks can edit the environment.

Multiplayer and creative mode areas are limited to a small amount of space when compared to Survival Mode which has infinite space. You can create creative maps offline , then upload them to the Worldcraft servers and share them with the world as a multiplayer map. Whether on or offline you will get an unlimited amount of Blocks to build with though crafting, animals, and monsters are not present. Because there are no enemies you can not be killed not even by falling from high up so there is no life or eating either.

To remove Blocks long press with any object in your hand and the Block will be removed in a short time. Taking things apart can be a bit time consuming and is probably so to keep people from destroying what others have worked hard at in a little amount of time.

Probably one of the best things about Multiplayer would be the ability to communicate with others via chat. Wearing different skins allows for others to find you easier and sort you out from the herd. There is talk of being able to create custom art on your skin for even easier identification and possible guilds. This app is still very new and could have a ton of surprises just around the next corner.

Check back for possible updates, but probably not since this game has been removed from Google Play.

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