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This is a brief Worldcraft 2 Guide to help people who have absolutely no clue what they should be doing and for folks who might want to know a little bit more to make things easier.

Worldcraft 2 Guide

Worldcraft 2 Guide1. Health will go down when you take damage from a fall or an enemy. To replenish your health you will need to keep your food meter over 8/10 full.

2. Food will go down slowly when your exploring and fast when your mining and fighting. There are many different things you can eat to fill your food meter back up including plants, animal meat, and other edible dropped from monsters. In the beginning it can be hard to come by unless you know where to look. The best place to find something to fill your stomach when you first start out would be Rotten Flesh which is dropped by Zombies. The easiest way to acquire Rotten Flesh would be by roaming the surface after the sun comes up in the morning and kills all the Zombies, there should be tons just laying all over the ground.

3. Armor is very important for minimizing damage received from enemies to increase survivability. Iron is very easy to come by and is just below Diamond when compared to defense so you should make a full suit of this as soon as possible.

4. This a the directional pad that lets you move left, right, forwards, backwards, and diagonal. You can also touch and drag any part of the open screen to look around and change your view.

5. These are quick slots that let you access things in your inventory without having to open it. To add stuff just open your inventory and click on the item you want to place in the slots. Right now when you add something to your slots it will automatically get placed in the first spot and push the last item out of the quick slot bar.

6. Click the 3 dotted button to access your inventory, armor, and portable crafting station with limited things you can create.

7. When you tap this you will no longer fall of the edges of Blocks or cliff. It’s basically a safety feature that keeps you from falling when you get to close to the edge or when building off the sides of things.

8. Jump can be used to climb Blocks when the auto jump isn’t functioning properly or your in a bad position.

9. This is where you can access different options like user name, sounds, distance, clouds, controls, quit to title and more.

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