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Worldcraft 2 Download

Below you can download Worldcraft 2 from it’s official file locations at Google Play and iTunes which are always up to date. Worldcraft 2 is a Minecraft look alike with different graphics and less features, though it’s free making it something worth checking out.

Features include:

Survival Mode – Start with nothing and work your way up to the best equipment and items. The environment goes on forever giving you lots of room to explore. When night falls zombies, spiders, and fire throwing pumpkin heads rule the night so building a shelter soon is recommended. Mine many different materials including gold and diamonds as you upgrade your tools and equipment. Farm different plants by plowing ground and tossing in your favorite garden variety. Find a couple animals you like? Clone them and make more!

Creative Mode – Always have infinite blocks so you can build what ever you can think of… in block form of course. Fly through the air as you plot your next building opportunity or just check out the very top. Upload your map to the internet when your finished and show it off to the world or let others change it.

Multiplayer – Join your friends online and help each other build the night away. Upload and share you creations with others or let random people edit it as they see fit. Download things that other people have made so you can play it offline, then re-upload again like it was yours so everyone can enjoy it.

Free – Play for free and play offline with WiFi turned off to close ads.

Worldcraft 2 Screenshot 1Worldcraft 2 Screenshot

Download Worldcraft 2 on Google Play


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