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Worldcraft 2 Download Free Apk PC GameBelow is a direct Worldcraft 2 Download for Free on Google Drive. As many people know, the Worldcraft 2 apk has been pulled from Google Play. If you were ever wondering if you could play Worldcraft 2 on the PC or Mac I will also show you how to to that below as well using a keyboard or controller. Visit the Worldcraft 2 Wiki for more info.

Even though this has been removed from Google Play everything in game is still functioning like it did including single player and online multiplayer. I’m not sure how this will affect future updates, but my guess is without the big G backing them things are probably going downhill.

Maybe there working on something new. This developer has a mess of apps all over the place that all have very similar play style and blocks. Planet of Cubes and World of Cubes are among them to name a few.


This game is the best free option for Android if your looking for something like Minecraft to veg out on. There is a Survival mode that lets you start from scratch finding resources and fight off mobs to grow strong. Creative mode on the other hand is for online play with people from all over the globe.

Build maps offline, then upload them to share with everyone, a select few. Use passwords to only let certain folks edit your map or let the world edit it freely. You can also download someone elses map that is online to play and edit offline, then re-upload under a different name with full control.

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Worldcraft 2 for PC

To play this app and others on PC and Mac for free your gonna need to install and Android emulator, AndY is 100% free or BlueStacks which has a free option, but requires you to download 4 random apps periodically or you can pay monthly. Not all apps will work with these programs, but many of them do.Once you have installed one of the above it’s mostly self explanatory as the both look like an Android device when loaded up.

You will also need to download the apk file below. You might need to use an app called Game Keyboard to map out what key or button does what if the game lacks PC control support.

Worldcraft 2 Download

Worldcraft 2 is now Worldcraft, download Free on Google Play

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