Nov 072014

Worldcraft 2 CheatsWhen it comes to Worldcraft 2 Cheats the closest your gonna get is using infinite Blocks and flying in Creative Mode. You can tap you home key then re-enter the app to bypass ads quicker then being forced to watch it like some kind of Nazi advertizing, your gonna watch it! Right now there doesn’t seem to be anything out there that would let you cheat. I’m sure someone somewhere knows how to and probably is modify the game as we speak, but there isn’t anything like that in this post. Something that might be close to a cheat would be using solid Blocks for doors instead of wood or iron crafted doors. This is a cheap solution for full entry protection without having to worry about it getting kicked in.

To fly in creative you just have to tap the button with wings on it, then point in the direction you would like to move and walk forward like normal. Having an unlimited amount of Blocks to place is as easy as opening you inventory, selecting your building material, and place all that you want where you want. You can’t die either in creative so I guess this is like a cheat too, though there are no weapons or enemies. One thing that would really spice this game up would be a multiplayer death match or something along those lines.

Warning: There are a few programs out there that may claim to be able to modify the game in a bunch of cool ways, but they usually don’t work or never have in my book. Be cautious when installing suspicious cheat software that make big claims.

Check back in the future for any updated content on Worldcraft 2 cheats as new ones could arise with a future improvement by the devs.


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