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Worldcraft 2 BedWorldcraft 2 bed can be hard to come by in the beginning due to it being time consuming to collect the materials. When you sleep in a bed you will reset your spawn location so when you die you will appear close to where you slept in it last. To make the bed your gonna need 3 Wool and 3 Wooden Planks. Wool can be found be shearing sheep or combining 4 silk from spider drops.

Spiders spawn best at night, but can be very hard to see and they won’t drop the silk every time. They can strike from a further distance than you would think so don’t get too close. If your killed by a spider they can follow you over very long distances to continue the assault so be on the lookout.

Sheep are harder to find than the eight legged critters above so you might just want to spend your time killing them instead. If you don find one you can mine it continuously for infinite wool so I guess there’s kind of a double edge sword thing going on here.

You can have multiple beds in different locations so that you can anchor yourself when dying. In the beginning it’s best not to go too far or you could loose you items if you die and cant get back to them within 3 minutes. You will not be able to use your bed when there are monsters around. Having it below ground in a well lite area can usually be a safe place to avoid monsters keeping you from getting some good sleep.

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