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World of Cubes Wiki GuideThis is a World of Cubes Wiki and Guide with a growing database of information. A block building game that will keep ya entertained for hours with tons of exploration and creation.

Check back often as this World of Cubes Wiki will be updated regularly. Not sure how often they update this title, but hopefully the add more content soon.

World of Cubes Wiki & Guide



If you like block building games this one is as close as your gonna get to MineCraft. It is however now where near it in game features, but fun none the less.

Survival – In this mode you start in a random location with nothing and have to live on the land. Find shelter fast before night fall or you might find yourself dead quick from the wave mobs headed your way. The easiest way to survive in the beginning would be to find coal and wood. Then dig a hole down or into the side of a hill and carve out a small cave. Now install he lights and you’ll be safe at night. At first it’s much easier to use blocks as doors as wood doors will just end up getting kicked in by the local wild life.

Creative – When you get tired of living the high life on stranded islandville you can relax and build. You’ll start with all the blocks except weapons and armor which you wont need. There are no mobs or darkness here so you can have piece of mind while you build away. Use the fly button to get around fast with the hassle of having to walk everywhere. This will come in handy when building towering structures and floating islands. When all finished upload the creation to the World of Cube servers and share it with the World.

Multiplayer – Play with people from around the world in their creations and yours. Let random people edit what you’ve made and uploaded or put a password on it to lets certain people build. Or lock it down all together in view only mode. When done view others creations download them and play them offline or edit them. The upload them again as your own work under a different name.


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