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World of Cubes AnimalsThis is a list of all the animals in World of Cubes. These animals are only available in Survival mode. The best way to trap and bred animals is to dig a hole and let them fall in it. You can try building a barrier around them, but that can get tricks as they always seems to get out before you can close the loop. Some of them will try to avoid falls so you’ll have to makes some steps to help them down.

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Cat – This cute little kitty will spawn with up to 4 at a time. It can’t be bread with others to multiply so when you see one trap it so you keep it’s cuteness close by.

Chicken – Will lay one egg every 5-10 minutes that can be cracked open to get more chickens. Also drops Feathers and Raw Chicken when killed. Can lead around with seeds. Chickens are great for farming food.

Cow – Will drop raw beef and leather upon death. Can by lead around and cloned with wheat. Has a habit of disappearing. Calves will drop nothing.

Dog – Mans best friend and that’s about it. Does nothing but walk around. Can’t get any items from this guy and doesn’t bred for more.

Horse – Drops leather and likes wheat. Unfortunately, they cant be rode for transportation.

Pig – Can drop 1-3 Raw Porkchop upon death. Likes to eat and be led around with carrots. Can be found in very large groups, but usually shows up in packs of 3-4. Another good one for farming food.

Sheep – Drops wool and like wheat. Killing lambs will get you nothing. Wool can be obtained with shears or by taking it’s digital life. These guys will walk all over the place so if you see one it wont be there for long.

Turkey – Drops Raw Chicken and Feathers, likes Wheat.Good for farming food. These guys can use ladders but not doors.

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