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World Boss - Brave Trials Wiki GuideThe World Boss (aka Vault Boss) is available to challenge after level 20. You goal  is to deal a certain amount of damage in the time limit. to qualify for rewards. Most of the rewards are large amounts of coins ranging from 200-300k. If you can defeat him by dealing over 10 million damage you will also get Prestige.

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When deal enough damage for a rewards you can get another bag of gold for free by paying o gems. After the free extra bag you’ll have to spend gems to get more. You can attempt the Vault Boss 2 times each day. He is also worth 5 points towards Daily Quests and you don’t have to win anything to qualify.

The World Boss will do very small damage to players using ranged attacks. If you move in close none of his attacks will hit you. This is more a test of strength than a true boss battle.

500k – 30k+ PWR
2 mil – ?
5 mil – ?
10 mil – ?

World Boss Vault Boss

Tips & Cheats

If your internet connection is poor you can deal extra damage after the time limit is up. I have gained 15+ more seconds of damage using this tactic, FTS! To reduce your internet connectivity just pile a bunch of metal object between you and your router. Metal reflects WiFi signals. 8+ inches of solid concrete or brick will also to the trick.

You could take it to the next level and purchase a signal blocking phone and tablet case. Just make sure not to push the limits too much or you’ll get a “Failed to Connect” error. This will cause you to have to restart the app, loose your potential reward, and waste a Vault Boss chance (limit 2 a day). This might mess up your WiFi signal for long range requiring you to restart your router. WiFi is weird like that especially with usb adapters.

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