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Walkthrough - Sky Force 2014 Wiki GuideThis is a brief walkthrough for Sky Force 2014 which is available for free on Android and iOS. For more info check out our Sky Force 2014 Wiki & Guide.

Cards – These are found randomly in boxes and you can have up to 3 of each. They each have there own bonus like reduced cost for upgrades and more max lives. Bonuses stack with multiple cards.

Difficulties – When you first play each stage the will by on Normal difficulty. If you get all 4 medals in Normal you’ll unlock Hard. Then to the same to unlock Insane and Nightmare.

Farming Stage 3 Hard – Like many players you will eventually find yourself farming Stage 3 on Hard for about 850 stars per run. It’s kind of unfortunate that we get stuck here to upgrade things. You’ll probably end up beating Stage 3 around 100 times or more if you invest in the wrong things. This is the easiest place to farm as the rest are much more difficult. One of the main reasons you should farm stages you can complete is that if you die you’ll loose any cards found.

Stage 5 – On this mission you can be hit by an EMP pretty easy. When that happen you will loose your guns for the remainder of the stage and be forced to dodge everything. This is how things are suppose to work. You can however constantly dodge the EMP by swirling quickly around it when it come close. This can get very tiresome and will most likely get you into trouble. There is a hidden achievement here if you can get through without being hit by the EMP and destroying all the enemies. You’ll have to be heavily upgraded to get this done.

Upgrades – Health and the Main Cannon upgrade to level 4 while everything else maxes out at level 3. When you increase Health you will also raise the time it takes to regenerate lives by 5 minutes. The Main Cannon and Wing Cannons cause the most damage through the game. Increase them to max asap for a much easier time with most stages. Check out our post on the Best Upgrades for more info on what to invest in first and last.

Bonus Stage 1 – You will always die at the end of this so keep that in mind when your playing it a lot. Get achievements within the time frame. Its. best to focus on one thing each run since you don’t have that much time to complete things.

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    Your info is wrong when you state that you will always die at the end of bonus stage 1. You need to destroy all of the cannons on the outside, and on the inside, while avoiding all the missiles. If you can avoid the missiles and blow up all of the cannons, You can win the stage and fill medals based on performance.


    Info is wrong. I currently have missles and wingcannons at lvl 4.

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