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VIP - Sky Force 2014 Wiki GuideI your wondering what a VIP is and where to get it your probably trying to get the achievement. First of you need to have people on your friends list. Then every weekend the will hold an event where you have to rescue your friend in a stage like other red guy. The only difference is that they will appear with green around them and show there crashed plane. Some people have a hard time finding them. So they might not always be in the same locations as normal folks in red who needs rescuing.

For more info check out our Sky Force 2014 Wiki & Guide.

There will be a VIP symbol by the stage with the friend who needs rescuing. Basically you should find your buddy at the point of his furthest point reached. If the furthest he made it was Stage 7 at somewhere around the half way point that’s where you’ll find them. Look for a crashed plane and pick them up by hovering over them like other stranded peeps.

If you have your push notification on you can by alerted to when a VIP is available for pickup. You might want to keep it on for the weekend as pushes can get annoying popping up all the time.

You don’t have to complete this to beat the game. It’s only for Google+ Achievements which is probably just another way for them to track your actions. I gave up on achievements when my PS3 go the yellow light of death. Sony didn’t want to transfer them to another system so I decided not to put my eggs in those baskets again.

The funny thing was I reached the most amazing part in Fallout: New Vegas. It’s where you find the gun floating in a chamber after sneaking past a bunch of killer robot. Right when I saw the beauty my screen froze on that last picture and I never played a PS3 again. Probably still in the system “WhiteZero”. Thought the name would be none threatening, I was wrong, bad choice, learning. Had like 30 platinum’s and 2000+ trophy’s, down the toilet now. If only I was a blogger then.

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    Thank you for giving me a headache while trying to read this. I guess you dropped out of school to become a gamer dojo. Good luck on that.


    I wanna thank whoever took time to write this article.
    Unfortunately, it is very hard to understand because it is very badly written.

    Please take the time to distinguish between “your” and “you’re” and add a few commas.
    Punctuation is very important.
    Imagine this sms conversation :

    Bad guy n°1 : Do we keep beating the hostage ?

    Bad guy n°2 (no punctuation) : Don’t stop

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    Your spelling and grammar are atrocious.

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