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Unfair - Minute Quest SkillsUnfair is a skill that will increase your accuracy by about 100% in Minute Quest. This can be very useful for bosses as they are usually the hardest to hit. Pared with Recovery you can take down bosses faster requiring fewer pauses to recharge HP.

It can be hard to find good combos, though every one seems to belong to a really good set. I don’t have much below because most of the ones I went through weren’t to impressive, which seems a little unfair. There is however a lot of combos that you might find use using the Weapons and Armor list below. If there was only a way to make our own sets.

It’s not to hard to reach a maximize where every hit connects with this skill. From there you gonna want to increase damage output or whatever else your into. If your still missing a lot pairing this with SpdUp and AccUp can make a huge difference. For the most part though this thing is gonna be ever kill for most monster except bosses, but it could benefit you more depending on your build.

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Unfair Sets

Unfair, SpdUp20, AccUp20 = Bouquet, Clown, Fallen
Unfair, Recovery5 = Set Sqr, Pigtails, SirSlime
Unfair, Recovery5 = Set Sqr, Pigtails, Gnome
Unfair, AccUp30, PowUp20 = Buster, Jacket, Handsel

Unfair Weapon & Armor Combos

These are all of the Weapon and Armor combos for the Unfair skill without a pet. You can change the pet with the combinations below to find other sets that I have not listed above.

NiteDice + Fabulous
FoxTail + Sheepy
Set Sqr + Pigtails
Umbrella + Fishy
Buster + Jacket
Pencil + LordRobe
Cutlass + Swindler
Bouquet + Trunks
Bouquet + Clown
PenKnife + Biker
ThornWhip + RedPants
Pistol + Cluck
Grabber + Uniform
Eyeball + BoneSuit
Scythe + Onesie
Saw + Prisoner
Saw + Tanktop
Axe + Killer
StunGun + Killer
Dice + Afro
Scissors + Afro
Club + Hockey
GoldDice + Queenly

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    Club + leaf + witcher = arm twister + unfair + spd up 20
    In other words high damage, dodge rate and accuracy if you have high pow

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