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Two Dots Wiki Guide Strategy Help How ToTwo Dots Wiki Guide with Strategy and other info. A growing database of help to answer many how to questions. Two Dots is a Puzzle game developed by Playdots and is available on Android and iOS.

If you like puzzle games than this one will make you happy. It starts out a little slow and may seem difficult. After awhile though things soon become very fun. With the many different ways to eliminate dots on the board there are different ways to complete each level.

Like the game says, if your not sure make squares. Squares can be made in small 4×4 blocks or larger one that are both solid color or filled with many types. When you blow a square with different colors inside they all become bombs that explode after the new dots drop.

When faces with many 2 match combos try to think ahead. You can often guide the top dots into good drop locations. Sometimes the map will be filled with almost no moves. This means you missed out on some good moves that left you with nothing. When you run out of moves the board will be reshuffled.

To unlock the next stage you only need to complete the stage before it. To get 3 stars you’ll need to complete a board with as few as moves as possible. Left over moves are added to your score at the end. Random bombs will then appear all over the board giving you a chance to gain a higher score with unpredictable results.

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Infinite Lives – This cheat lets you refill your lives by turning the time ahead on your device. This tricks the app into thinking you actaully waited, ha ha. You may need to close your app each time you change your clock.


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