Dec 262014

Trivia Crack Weekly RankingTrivia Crack Weekly Ranking is only viewable after adding 10 friends. Your Trivia Crack Weekly Ranking will let you compete with friends who have been added. Weekly rankings are only between you and the people added. If you need more add us, search for “Tip Wikia”. Users also might want to download the No Ad Trivia Crack version.

For more info visit our Trivia Crack Wiki & Guide or Tips and Tricks.

To find people better have them attach a nickname to themselves in their Facebook account. Location: Update Info>About>Details About You. Make sure to make it something unique and one of a kind for easy searching. Maybe adding numbers or symbols to the nickname. Add your easy to find name to the comments below and let others add you.

Trivia Crack Weekly Ranking Invite 10 Friends

If you don’t have a Facebook account then you wont be able to participate. This app seems to try and get people into using their social media a lot. Probably one of the biggest reasons it’s currently so popular. Mixing fun and highly addictiveness with gates the must be passed through to play further. Many may not know, but Trivia Crack was a big hit in Mexico and just recently came to America.

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