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Trivia Crack Strategy GuideBelow is a short Strategy Guide for Trivia Crack that can help shine some light on things. For the most part your knowledge base is gonna make you the most successful. There are a few things that can be done though to help those who might not know a lot of the answers. If there is a strategy that works for you not listed here feel free to leave it in the comments. For more info visit our Trivia Crack Wiki & Guide, find Trivia Crack on Google Play Free or get the Premium Version.

Here’s some Trivia Crack related info on Profile Pictures, Answers, and some great Tips and Tricks.

Trivia Crack Strategy Guide

Cheating – How fast can you type? Many questions have keywords that when typed into Google correctly will bring up search results with answers. Some of them can be in the search snippets without having to enter a website. This can get a lot easier as you get the hang of things. Try shortening up the question using only the names of people and places. This can be a great strategy for dominating your opponents.

Earning Coins – The fastest way to earn coins is by winning games in Challenge Mode. Next would be winning Classic Mode games. After that Achievements are a great place for free coins though some of them will take a very long time to earn. Lastly, the App Store has coins for real money.

Lives – Waiting for lives to regenerate can slow play time a bunch, especially when playing Challenge Mode. Playing Classic Mode on the other hand can easily create a large amount of games in progress that will keep you busy for awhile. Friends can send lives to others when their not using them. To increase the amount of incoming lives try adding people from the official Facebook page of Trivia Crack. It’s a good idea to leave comments on a bunch of the posts asking others to add you. This can speed things up a get you a ton of friend fast. If you have multiple devices install the app on all of them and gift yourself lives. No more devices? Try installing and Android emulator on a PC like BlueStacks and AndY.

Power Ups - Use these sparingly unless you have an abundant supply of coins. Sometime you might really need one to overcome an opponent.

Spending Coins – Coins can only be spent on power ups during questions. Using power up during early question can be a waste as missing later ones will mean missing a character. One of the safest times to use these is on the last question needed for a character. Having a large amount of coins however can be used on many questions and not just the last one.

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