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Trivia Crack Rules - How To PlayBelow are a list of rules for Trivia Crack and a guide on how to play. At first thing can seem a little hard to grasp. It’s really pretty easy as you’ll find be reading over the rules below. One of the other big things people have a hard time with in the beginning is your Profile Picture.

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Objective of the Game

The goal is to obtain all 6 characters by getting the wining question in each category. Landing on the Crown will let you choose 1 of the 6 categories. Each character stands for one of the games categories: Science (Green Vile), Entertainment (Pink Popcorn Bucket), Art (Red Paint Brush), Geography (Blue Globe), Sports (Orange Football), and History (Yellow Knight Helmet). There also 2 others which don’t represent categories and aren’t counted towards a win. They are Challenges (Light Blue Sword) and Crowns (Yellow Crown). Tap the bar graph button in the bottom right of the screen during gameplay to view an explanation of characters as shown below in the picture.

Trivia Crack Category Wheel and Statistics

How To Obtain Characters

To acquire a character the player has to get 4 questions right in a row, or land on the special Crown section of the wheel. Landing on the special section will let the player challenge their opponent for one of their characters. If you don’t wish to challenge you can answer a question in the category of your choice for the corresponding character..

Challenge Rules

To compete in a challenge both players need to have at least 1 character. The challenger gets to choose which one he wants to bet and compete for. Both players will then be given the same questions and the one who answers the most right wins.

If you win you’ll get the other players character. If you don’t will you”l loose the character you bet or the one the other play challenged you for. In case of a tie the defender get to answer a bonus question from a random category.

Extra Spins

At the beginning of a the game all players starts with 3 free spins. If you land on something you don’t need or want you can re-spin for a chance at something better. To get more you’ll have to ask friend on Facebook or buy the in the app store.

Winning & End of the Game

The first player to get all of the characters wins. If by the 25th round nobody has them all, then the person with the most wins.

You can visit our post on how to get Answers. Rules are meant to be broken as they say.

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    I have acquired the icons that pertain to the trivia questions…many times. However, if I miss a question, I loose my “trophy” icon. I see others that have theirs. Why do I loose mine?


    why do some questions appear in foreign languages/ not ENGLISH?


    Sometimes I get 3 coins when I win a game, sometimes I get none. What determines this?

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