Jan 162015

Trivia Crack Profile Picture Avatar ChangingWhen first starting out in Trivia Crack you might be wondering how to change your Profile Picture or Avatar. Changing your profile picture is really easy, just attach a Facebook account. Once linked up the pic in Trivia Crack will be the same as your FB picture.

Inside the user settings in Trivia Crack there is an option to disable the FB pic and/or name. This is useful to protect the the identity of people or things that may appear on the FB thumbnail.

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This is unconfirmed, but you may also be able to attach a Twitter account. It doesn’t look like it would work though as the developers seem hell bent on getting access to FB. This app rely heavily on social share to get the word out about itself.

Once logged into Trivia Crack you may find out pretty quickly they want even more access to social . To even participate in the weekly rankings 10 FB friends have to be added. What this does is cause someone so send mass request to everyone on their friends list. This tactic to push for free advertising is probably why this game has grown in popularity so fast.

For folks without a social media account you will not be able to participate in the Weekly Ranking. You will also not be able to change the Profile Picture bedsides the default options. This is kind of a not nice thing to do, but I’m sure when there’s money involved know body cares that much. I wonder what other kind of info the developer are getting out of the deal.

Many may not know that this app was a huge hit in Mexico before the USA. You can switch the language around will playing, but only during the questions.


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    Weekly Rankings can be battled for w/out a social media account, I do not have facebook and have placed several times in the top 1,2&3


    can you change profile pic if you dont have a facebook?


    What if you don’t have ft can you use Instagram ??????

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