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Trivia Crack Power Ups - How To UseBelow I’ll go over how to use each power up in Trivia Crack. Be aware that sometimes the game will try and force you to use one. This usually happens when you get a category where the most questions have been missed. Power ups are always optional so when it looks like you have to use one just tap the red “X” in the upper right of the screen.

For more info visit our Trivia Crack Wiki & Guide.

Power Ups

Each power up uses coin which can be earned from wining matches, completing achievements, and buying them from the app store in game with real money. To use these you’ll have to select them during the question at the bottom of the screen. Can only use 1 at a time so Bomb and Double Chance will not stack for an easy right answer.

Extra Time – Costs 1 Coin and gives you more time to think about an answer. Can also help when searching for answers on others website using CTRL+F and keywords in the questions and answers. Your gonna have to be quick though to cheat.

Bomb – Costs 5 coins and takes 2 of the wrong answers away when used. This can make questions were your on the fence a lot easier.

Double Chance – Costs 5 coins and gives you another chance if the wrongs answer is selected. Make sure that you use this before answering for the first time or it wont work.

Skip – Costs 3 coins and used to skip the question. Good for when you have absolutely no idea, though sometimes the next question is worse.

Trivia Crack Power Ups Guide

Spin – This is not counted as a power up, but it acts just the same. It’s used to spin the wheel again when landing on something not wanted or needed. Just tap the button in the bottom left corner after spinning. Get more by asking friends or purchasing them in the app store with real money.

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    What does each power up do? Freeze gives you more time. What does wisdom, fire, whisper, time boost do for you exactly?

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