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Trivia Crack Package File is InvalidWhen some people try to install Trivia Crack they get an error saying “Package File is Invalid”. This can occur when there is a bad or slow internet connection. By fixing the connection the message will go away. It also may be because of not having enough space to install.

Since not everyone can just change their WiFi for the better below are some workarounds. Take not that some may try and get you to install other apps to fix the problem. These are not need and a sign of misleading information.

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How to fix Package File is Invalid

Different WiFi – If there is another internet access point near by it should make things work. Only if it’s a stronger connection though or you might end up with the same issue.

Side Loading – One of the quickest ways around this road block is to download the app from somewhere else besides Google Play. To do this simply type in the game name and something like free download or free apk after it. I wouldn’t recommend going down to far in the search results as they might not be the healthiest websites.

To get the app to install on your device you may be asked to switch on installations from 3rd party apps. This is a normal warning when side loading any app. The dangerous part about this is that some people can modify the app to do harm to your device. That’s why this should only be done from trusted sources.

Clearing Cache – The error message can be gotten rid of sometime by clearing the cache for Google Play store. On the device go to Settings>Apps>All Apps>Google Play Store. Now just clear the data and cache. Im not sure what else might happen by doing this, but other have reported it as a fix.

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