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Trivia Crack NotificationsTrivia Crack Notifications can be change by going into Menu>Setting:Preferences. In Preferences you can turn Notifications completely off and on. There are also extra options to change the sound and/or vibration effects of a notification.

You can also turn sound off completely here for everything as well. They have turned the Newsletter on by default so you’ll probably be getting some emails. This can be turned off here too.

More info on the Trivia Crack Wiki & Guide

Under the Facebook sections you can opt for more privacy by removing your name, profile picture, and post activity. This can be tremendously use for keeping someones personal life lore private. I think they realize your gonna be playing a lot of people who aren’t your friends. IF there has not been a FB account attached the options can still change the default settings for name and pic.

Down a little further and you’ll find a link to some rules on how to play.The rulees can seem slightly helpful and seeming not to fill in too many gaps. For the most part things are easy to catch onto, though starting out the gate can be important.

Finally at the end you can get the Trivia Crack Premium Version (Google Play) with no ads. There might be some other bonuses involved with shelling over a few bucks. Other games have thing like double currency earning or more max lives. Not sure what available in the paid version.

For the most part it’s pretty basic and simple. Trivia Crack offers a large amount of options when it comes to changing how the app uses a device. This is super important as things can easily get frustrating when something start doing things on it’s own without permission. Focus would be another big one. Having interruptions at time when there not needed or aloud is crucial.

Trivia Crack Notifications

Trivia Crack Notifications Settings

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