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Trivia Crack Not Working AnswersIs Trivia Crack Not Working? Check below for solutions and answers to different reasons Trivia Crack isn’t working. If you have fixed an issue not working that isn’t listed here feel free to leave a comment to help others.

For more info visit our Trivia Crack Wiki & Guide or check out some Tips and Tricks.

Not Working Answers

Won’t Load

This can be mostly due to modded apps. Many websites claim to have mod versions of a certain title. What they really have is a bogus app that doesn’t work. Some of them might contain harmful viruses that could plague your device. When you download it will either not install or will but wont load.

Won’t Load after Update

This is a common problem with Android when thing are not working. Everything is going great when you update an app and poof, nothing works anymore. In these situations you only have a few options:

  1. Try restarting the device. This can sort things out fast.
  2. Did you instal any weird or modded apps lately. Might be a conflict with something else.
  3. Wait for new update to fix issue. Contact developer via Google Play page for info and guidance.
  4. Re-install older version. This may delete saved data unless it was saved to a server. Also app may require most recent version in some cases making older ones unplayable. You also may have to download Trivia Crack from a 3rd party which can be scarce and risky.

Can’t Install

Sometimes when side loading bad app files the Install button cannot be selected. This could be due to a corrupt download or bad file to begin with.

Some screen dimming apps will also cause the Install button to not function. Simply deactivating the dim function should be enough to restore functionality.

If your trying to update without success you may have filled the hard drive up.

Not Supported Device

Many developers do a good job of releasing there games onto many deceives. Unfortunately, not all devices are created equal. Ipod 4 Gen has been having slight issues. Old mobile devices tend to run less title than newer gear. Sometime things like processor tech can affect and apps performance. If you fall into this category it may be time to upgrade. You could always use BlueStacks or AndY to play android games on your PC and Mac for free.


You can find info and get help in the Trivia Crack Support area on their website at Then select the app from the list at the bottom of their page to get specific information about it. To troubleshoot more contact the developer directly.

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  15 Responses to “Trivia Crack Not Working Answers”


    I can’t get ad free trivia crack to download on my iPad2


    The trivia crack app keeps turning off. I uninstalled it, as well as the fb app and reloaded. Trivia still turning off.


    It does not show games that ARE NOT played to the end. WHY??


    I installed Trivia Crack, and it was working fine but it suddenly couldn’t open the next day !


    As of today, random challenfe questions are no longer in english. They’re in symbol form. You can’t read tge question at all. Still sucks away a life though. Effing awesome lol


    Had two correct answers on one question. But it only took one.

    Which of these countries doesn’t have a coast?

    Paraguay and Laos both don’t have coasts. It only took Paraguay.


    I play trivia crack and when I have an answer to the question, it will not take my answer. I have to
    go back and lose my correct answer. What am I doing wrong. I actually deleted the game and
    reinstalled it and it is still doing the same thing. I also deleted some other games because there
    were a few on the kindle, but it still doesn’t work.


    When I play trivia crack on face book there are games when i do not get a crown free without answering three questions to get the crown. My opponent [ my sister] gets two and three and sometimes four per game. Why do i not get at least one crown per game. This is very frustrating to have to answer 24 to win and my sister only half that many.


    I haven’t been able to open Trivia Crack on facebook for at least a week now. It loads to 100% then just sits there. I’m not having any trouble loading it on my phone (android) just on facebook. What’s up with that?


    Have been playing on same I pad for twelve months. Have not made any new apps or updates. Now as soon as the game opens up it shuts down immediately and goes to the main page.


    All of a sudden my Trivia crack is in German and I can’t get it back to English. I keep reporting it and nothing happens to fix it. Is anyone else experiencing this glitch?


      This happened to me only in spanish.Had to let that game expire. Started new game and made sure the flag was checked for u.s.a. hope this helps

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