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Trivia Crack Lives - How To Get More!Waiting for an hour to replenish 1 or 3 lives in Trivia Crack is more as a restriction than most games. Many games for mobile that have limits and long waiting times for live can be easily manipulated.

In most cases you can just set the time and/or date ahead a little to fool the program in to thinking you actually waited. Sometimes would would have needed to close the app before changing the time. This could be used an unlimited amount of time to acquire an endless amount of live.

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Lives – How To Get More!

Unfortunately, the developers of Trivia Crack have caught on an make sure the app sync up with their servers. This means your gonna have to play by their rules. The whole point of life restrictions is to make sure users don’t get burned out. This keeps their gaming hunger alive and them coming back for more as soon as possible. It probably also helps folks take time to feed their kids. Here’s a post on How to change your Profile Picture if your interested.

For many other time based app you can move the time ahead in your setting to mimic waiting. This would add more lives in the case of Trivia Crack if the time wasn’t controlled by the developers servers.

The only option you have to get more lives is to ask friends on Facebook. This is done for free advertising using your social media and the only way currently to replenish more tries at trivia. This can be very inconvenient and misleading for people on friends list. Many people could be doing something else in life or on a path only to be mislead away. The best thing to do is target users directly who are as hungry for questions as you are.

For this you’ll want to head over to the official Facebook page of Trivia Crack. Now look for people in the comment asking for others to add them. To get even more helpers leave a comment in as many post as possible in post asking others to add you. This can be more effective if your FB pic is changed to one from the game like maybe their icon on Google Play. Folks are more inclined to add others if they think their a serious player. Here’s some info on How To Delete an Account and start over.

I have to say the biggest and bestest way to get a ton of free lives is to install Trivia Crack on multiple devices. Then just keep gifting yourself. You’ll have way more than you need in no time at all. If you don’t have multiple devices you can us Android emulators like BlueStacks and AndY to install the app on your PC and Mac. With this tactic you’ll be able to get almost endless lives.

Trivia Crack More Lives

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