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Trivia Crack DescriptionThis is a brief Trivia Crack Description so you can get a clear idea of what it’s about. Like the name implies this is a trivia game with a ton of questions. There are over 150,000 question with the list growing when users submit their own.

There are 6 different categories to choose from including History, Art, Science, Entertainment, Geography, and who could forget Sports. The questions can vary in difficulty depending on your level and what part of a game your in.. They seem to be the hardest when landing on the crown which has the potential to move you to the winning question for the round.

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There are 2 games modes Classic and Challenge. In Classic you’ll face off against a friend or random person in a 25 round match. The first person to acquire all 6 of the characters wins. These can take days to complete with a time limit of 3 days.

The other mode called Challenge puts you up against a list of random people all answering the same things. The person who gets the most right in the end wins. The rest leave with nothing but another blemish on the score board.

To play a game in each mode will cost 1 life. Each life takes 1 hour to regenerate and you can only have 3 max unless increasing the limit with real money. This may seem like along time, but once you start a few games you’ll soon realize that it’s a realistic number since games can last a long time. When you run out you have a few choices. You can wait, purchase more, or get them as gifts from other people and devices.

The more you play the higher your level can grow which is mostly an indicator of how much you’ve played. There are also achievements to complete that will earn in game currency.

If your into trivia games than you’ll probably find the most popular mobile app in your favor. I hope this short description was helpful.

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