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Trivia Crack Delete Account How To OptionsIf your wondering how to delete an account in Trivia Crack things might get a little tricky. First of all this app doesn’t seem to have a build in function to delete accounts and reset things back to zero. This is unfortunate for players who want to start over when they learn the ropes. Most things done for the first time are on the iffy side. For a perfectionist I would definitely like to start over after some practice. If your curious about Profile Pictures here ya go.

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Delete Account – How To Options

This is what most people may feel needs to be done to delete accounts and set things back. Trivia Crack requires either and email or Facebook account to be synced up at the start. People seem to think it ties them in permanently to your app and probably the device it’s self. This is true for the email but not FB. You can deleted everything by uninstalling the app, but you’ll need a different email (optional) than before. Otherwise Trivia Crack will load up the old stat with a fresh install.

There is a better option than the mess just mention. If you go to Menu>Help>Account Information>Unlink you can remove your FB account from the game. This will allow you to uninstall it and erase and progress. Then when reinstalling just add the FB like the very first time.

Trivia Crack How To Delete Account

The email on the other hand has been linked forever. To use one again it will have to be different than before. It’s not always the best idea to give apps like these personal information anyhow as it always seems to be abused. The only reason to link one are for friend lists and advertising. I have forgotten how many emails I have had to abandon because of too much spam. Spam filters have gotten better in the last few years though. I’m not saying they will do some spamming, but better safe than sorry I say.

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