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Trivia Crack Delete Account Easy How ToHow to delete an account in Trivia Crack will take two things that I’ll guide you through. First go into the Settings and unlink Facebook and Twitter if they have been connected. The second thing you’ll have to do is use a new email address.

Once you have these 2 things uninstall the app, then reinstall like normal. You’ll be met with a log in screen to enter the new email. This guide is the easiest way how to delete an account in Trivia Crack and start over.

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You never really delete an account in Trivia Crack. It will always be connected to the email used for it. When trying to use the same email old stats will get pulled up like you never left. This cannot be detached in any way and is bonded from the beginning.

The only way back to the log in screen is to uninstall Trivia Crack, then re-install it again. Backing up the apk can make for quick reinstalling. This could be used for multiple people to play on the same device.

Leaving your Facebook account linked up will cause and error message when trying to use it will multiple Trivia Crack profiles. Running into this problem means you’ll have to sign in under the old email and unlink the FB account. Now you should be able to link the old FB with the new TC install.

By default only one account can be used per device. That means multiple profiles are not available. I suppose for many this isn’t a problem. I’m sure there are lots of folks sharing out there who would benefit well from this though. Since this app was massively popular in Mexico before hitting the States the option could have got tested out.

Luckily, there is a back door option to start a new. Probably the biggest reason would be to remedy a not so good score. They may not make it super easy, but at least it’s doable with a little guidance.

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    I installed this game on my phone. I linked it to my facebook to play friends only to have it install these gaudy add-ons onto my browser on my laptop. I don’t use the facebook app on my phone. Only through the browser. I immediately uninstalled the game and the add-ons are still on my computer browser.

    Everytime I try to contact the app developer it says theirs an error. I’ve tried two of their emails and it’s the same thing. Please help with this issue if possible.


    Please delete my account Trivia Crack.


    Will uninstalling/installing Trivia Crack result in loss of lives, spins and coins?


    How can l get the more advanced trivia screen which has your winning % like my friend l live with has?

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