Jan 162015

Trivia Crack Coupon CodesMany people seem to be looking for Coupon Codes for Trivia Crack. Coupons codes would be used to get more lives, gold, and free spins I’m guessing. I wouldn’t know because I have never used one.

Most developers tend to post their coupon code on their social outlet pages. So far I haven’t seen any on the official Facebook and Twitter pages for Trivia Crack. It doesn’t mean they don’t exist though. My guess is they are sent out to premium users after making a purchase limit, but this is only speculation.

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In the past I have played games where they always talked about visiting their pages for codes. The sad part was that there never was any. Hopefully these guys aren’t pulling the same tricks.

They could also be advertising for the game in places like department stores where you would have to by a gift card looking thing. If this is the case than they might have some on eBay and the like. After Googling for them and getting no search results with helpful info I bet there probably not selling online. Or at least Google doesn’t want you to find them and places them outside the search bubble.

To maximize your chances of getting some code try signing up for everything that Trivia Crack has to offer. This could lead to a bunch of spam mail and social posting ads though.

This could also be a feature implemented to give special users a bonus without paying. Like for employees, game testers, and special friends. Probably a more likely scenario considering how hard these things are to find.

Be sure to check back in the future for any updated information. I you have something that might help others get their hands on one of these feel free to let us know in the comments.

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