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Trivia Crack for Computer PC MacTrivia Crack can be played on the Computer, PC, and Mac using emulators. Right now there are only really 2 good ones that work. BlueStacks would probably be the better working choice. While AndY is a completely free version with slightly less capabilities.

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Tips For Trivia Crack and BlueStacks for Computer/PC Mac

When playing or installing games with BlueStacks and being connected to the internet you’ll be prompted to download 4 or so random apps. These apps can be very large files and even more unpopular of games. To avoid any unnecessary downloads and still play for free you can find the apk file of the app you want to install, then side load the app(open like normal file on PC/Mac) into BS while not connected to the internet.

Because Trivia Crack requires a connection to the internet at all time you’ll more than likely be get some new random apps. By default the apps that must be downloaded to keep BlueStacks free are auto update. This must be changed inside the software and again inside your Google account when connected.

By disabling auto update you can save a large amount of randomly retrieved data. It’s seems to update everything in huge wave which can cause slowdown in system performs when not realizing its still open.

Tip s for Andy for Computer/PC

Andy is still in an early development stage, but its completely free. This emulator got much more popular with the release of payed options for the normally free BS. Though this can still play many apps the speed and performance might be laggy or unplayable. In many cases though you can enjoy something to it’s mostly fulness.

Updates for AndY should be in the near future as it hold the #1 spot for truly free emulators.


If you want the best play experience with Trivia Crack your only real option is to have an Android device. Right now there doesn’t seem to be a lot of communication between Android and the Computer. Maybe in the future it will be more open or something completely different.

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