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Trivia Crack Coin Use GuideThis is a Trivia Crack Coins Use Guide to help you out with getting more. Coins are used only for Power Ups that must be purchased during questions. There are a few ways to earn them and and they can be hard to come by at times.

The most common way to get more coins is to win games in Classic and Challenge mode. In classic you’ll get more based on how well you do. So getting every question right and winning with all characters as fast as possible will net you the biggest amount. In Challenge mode the more people who participate when you et the most questions right will get you the biggest reward.

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Achievements can also earn the player a descent amount of coins, though they can be very time consuming to complete. The best things to do is have a look through all the Achievement and keep an eye out for one that are easy and quick to complete. Work towards the more difficult one and eventually you’ll get them too.

Playing others can be hit and miss when it comes to winning. Keep track of players that are easy to beat and sent the play invites to increase your chance of winning. The opposite is also true where you should try to stay away from really good player are those who seem to be able to type things into Google fast for answers. Probably one of the better tactics for earning currency honestly.

The most effective way to guarantee a win and get those must have free coins is to use multiple devices. Simply get another email address and sign into the app from another device, then add your self to their friend list. Now start a game and play with yourself letting of of you loose. This is by far the easiest way to earn them, though its not the most honest or competitive. This tactic is also a great way to increase your stats in a good way making others thinks your a flippin genius “He’s so smart!”.

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